Why Chronic Care Management is A Powerful Tool During COVID-19

The priority of all healthcare organizations and medical practices at the moment is the fight against COVID-19. With a reduction of patient volume and services due to social distancing, providers need to continue to find ways to provide services and grow their revenue. Now is the perfect time to implement Chronic Care Management to your patients who need it most during COVID-19. Doing so will help you stay connected to your patients, offer life-saving services, grow your revenue, and more.

Implementing Chronic Care Management will:

1) Increase Patient Satisfaction

Chronic care management, offered to eligible patients, provides access to incredible services while increasing satisfaction and engagement. Care coordination offers patients battling multiple chronic conditions a way to keep track of the different components of their care, minimize repetitive testing, and stay on top of their medications without overextending themselves or having to leave their homes. During a time where everyone is urged to stay home and away from medical facilities, chronic care management makes it possible for patients to get the care they deserve. This will help keep patients satisfied with their care even when the pandemic is over.

2) Improve Population Health

Hospitals and medical practices are focusing their efforts on treating patients who suspect they might have COVID-19. In order to slow down the progression of the coronavirus until a solution is found, individuals are advised to stay home, practice social distancing, and avoid high-risk locations like medical facilities. Chronic Care Management makes it possible for these patients to follow these advisements as much as possible, minimizing the risk to themselves and to others.

Chronic Care Management will continue to improve population health after the pandemic, allowing the millions of individuals in the United States who qualify to get the life-saving care they need and deserve.

3) Generate Additional Revenue

During a time where the nation is struggling financially, CCM offers a solution to providers. Introducing a new stream of revenue to your practice, chronic care management helps providers earn as much as 85k a year per billing provider in additional revenue.

Adding this revenue to your practice is essential during a time where patient volumes are low, allowing you to bill for more services. By utilizing CCM, providers can protect their revenue while the nation recovers and see growth in their bottom line once the pandemic is over.

4) Improve Clinician Experiences

Many providers worry about the added burden of implementing a new line of services into their already thinly-stretched practice. Your team is on the frontlines of patient care during the COVID-19 pandemic, and you do not need any added stress. The good news is that Chronic Care Management can be easy to implement and simple to optimize. By outsourcing your CCM services to a qualified partner, your clinicians can have a more pleasant experience.

Outsourcing hands over many of the CCM responsibilities, like care coordination, to an expert care specialist who is focused completely on your patients. Outsourcing Chronic care management enables your practice to maximize CCM reimbursements and truly see positive results without overworking your team.

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