5 Ways the Patient Portal Benefits Providers During A Pandemic

The use of digital and virtual medical services has skyrocketed during the coronavirus pandemic. The ability to communicate with and treat patients remotely is essential to the fight against COVID-19 and tools like telehealth and the patient portal have proven themselves extremely valuable.

In order to stop the spread of the coronavirus, symptomatic patients need to stay away from the public, out of medical facilities, and in their homes until they are no longer able to transmit the virus to others around them.

Having a quality patient portal in your organization’s tool belt is essential to maintaining high levels of communication between patients and their physicians during a time of extended self-isolation. It is extremely valuable to stay connected to high-risk and non-emergent patients so that they continue to engage with your practice once the pandemic has come to an end.

COVID-19 Patient Portal Benefits:

1) Send and Receive Secure Messages

The communication tool found in most top-of-the-line patient portals has served as an incredible tool to improve patient engagement and keep patients involved and active in their own medical care. The ability to send and receive secure, password-protected messages through the duration of the coronavirus has been an invaluable tool to making sure your non-COVID patients feel heard, understood, and seen by their medical providers despite current circumstances.

With a quality patient portal, patients can ask questions about the coronavirus, how they should be responding, and what they should do should they come into contact with the virus at any point. This ability to quickly communicate with one another helps to limit fear and anxiety during times of isolation and provides patients with the tools they need to stay engaged with their physician remotely. It also helps to cut down lengthy phone call conversations and protect your practice’s time.

2) Share Important Data

Your patient portal can also function as a useful means to communicate important data and developments related to the virus and how your practice is responding to it. Many providers have delivered messages about new COVID restrictions and how their practice is taking action to prevent the spread and growth of the virus with their patient portal.

A quality patient portal with a mobile app helps to alert your patients when you have communicated a new development to them so they can keep track of the details. These messages might inform patients on the importance of staying home, utilizing virtual visits, messaging their provider, or requesting prescription refills.

3) Prescription Refills

With a patient portal, providers can also limit phone conversations with patients and their pharmacists when it comes time to refill prescriptions. Patients can log on directly to their patient portal, request a refill, and work with their pharmacy to find a pick-up time that works for them.

They no longer need to call your office, wasting valuable time that your organization needs to focus on emergent situations. The patient portal helps do this without compromising the current relationship between your practice and its patients. 

4) Share Documents

During a global pandemic, the relay of important forms, patient data, and health information are extremely valuable to streamline processes as much as possible. With the patient portal, providers are able to quickly share forms and other important documents patients need to continue receiving important care, like registration and intake forms.

Digital intake is possible with a quality patient portal, enabling your patients to complete important documentation remotely, and having that data uploaded directly into their chart for their next in-person or virtual visit.

5) Increase Your Value

Lastly, implementing a quality patient portal will monumentally increase the value of your practice in the patient’s eyes. Patients value the easy access to information and communication that the patient portal creates. With this tool, the patient can take ownership of their personal health, create and set goals, and work with their physicians to live a healthier life.

By implementing a quality patient portal, your practice can not only work with patients more effectively throughout the duration of the pandemic, but also continue to increase patient engagement once it has ended.

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