Your Top 5 iSalus EHR Questions – Answered!

You asked and we listened! Find out the answers you need in our round-up of the top 5 iSalus EHR questions.

  1. How can I search for common questions in the EHR? 
    This can be done through the ‘Search’ feature within the EHR. To access ‘Search’ click on the binoculars icon in the upper, right-hand corner. Once you click the binoculars a new pop-up window will appear. Within this pop-up there will be a search bar where you can type in your question and/or a keyword to find the answers you need.
  2. Where can I go to get additional training? 
    Webinars are available through our iSalus University. Webinars are free and cover just about all of the main workflows in the system for any role in your practice! Click here to view our available webinars.
  3. What does the system do for faxes or reminders? Can this be done from the system? 
    Yes! We have a whole host of additional services (including eFax & reminders) that can be incorporated into your iSalus EHR. Browse our list of additional services to find out how each one can improve your practice’s workflow.
  4. How do I reset my password? 
    If you have the necessary security clearance assigned to your user login you will be able to reset your password through the following steps:
    – At the bottom of the window, click ‘Current User’.
    – On the ‘User Setup’ window, select the name of the user you want to reset the password for (in the left-hand column).
    – In the ‘Setup’ section, click ‘User’ (in the right-hand column).
    – In the field labeled ‘Password’, type your new password.
    – Retype your new password in the ‘ReType’ field.
    – Click ‘Save’ (purple floppy-disk icon).
    – Password reset is now complete!
  5. We have been in the system for a while and need to update templates – how do we do this?
    Templates can be updated at any time by submitting a template change request. This can be done by selecting the hamburger icon (three lines) at the top of the EHR screen, then selecting ‘Template Request’ from the menu (see below screenshot).



If you have more questions on your iSalus EHR, or need help, contact our support team! We’re happy to answer your questions & help you make your iSalus EHR work better for you.