Why Urology EMR Must Be Customized for Each Provider

While some Urology practices attempt to establish a standard workflow throughout their entire practice, it does not always happen. Due to the fact that providers come from all different backgrounds and experiences, a standard workflow that works for everyone is a nearly impossible goal. When a physician is forced to adopt a workflow that they are not comfortable with, the quality of their work is sacrificed. In order to prevent this, providers should be able to customize their workflow to best fit the Urologist and their personal productivity. A customizable Urology EMR offers providers the opportunity to create an individualized workflow for each physician in their practice, allowing them to work more efficiently, accurately, and focus better on the patient. Here are the reasons why a Urology EMR must be customized for each provider.
Customized Urology EMR:

1)    Adaptability

As was mentioned before, providers come from all different training backgrounds and experiences. When a new Urologist is welcomed into a practice, there is a good chance that they are not familiar with the existing technology. Even for physicians who have been at the practice for many years, a standard, one-size-fits-all, Urology EMR might leave them continuously frustrated. The truth is, the one-size-fits-all Urology EMR does not exist. The first benefit of a customizable EMR is that it offers unique adaptability for any provider that walks into the door. Depending on how the provider best accomplishes their work, they can rearrange the Urology EMR to fit their needs. While this may not seem like a big deal, this ensures that each physician at a Urology practice has the comfort and tools they need to get their best work accomplished.

2)    Accuracy & Efficiency

When a provider has everything they need to get the job done in a way that makes sense to them, the level of efficiency and accuracy skyrockets within a practice. No longer are physicians frustrated by the technology they are forced to adapt to. A customizable Urology EMR presents providers the flexibility they need to complete their work as they understand it and as it is required of them. This generates a more accurate input process and an efficient workflow that no one can match. Providers no longer have to waste valuable time sifting through a standard EMR to find what it is they need. This benefit eliminates the frustration and inconsistencies associated with a “one-size-fits-all” format.

3)    Customizable Templates

One of the more frustrating experiences for a provider is working with office technology that is not tailored toward their specialty and does not offer the flexibility that their patients require. Another benefit of a customized Urology EMR is the ability to modify a Urology template to fit both the needs of the provider and the patient. Without this tool, an EMR forces providers to complete repetitive notes and documentation, slowing them down while increasing the number of mistakes made in one day.  Templates that are adaptable offer the ability to flow with the changes and differences through each individual visit while still meeting all requirements. This feature of a customizable Urology EMR makes sure that specialty Urology providers do not have to look far to find what they need for their dialysis patients.
Introducing a Urology EMR that is customized for each provider opens up a window of opportunity for Urology practices to get ahead. With increased adaptability, flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency, providers jump in front of their competitors. The time where specialty providers had to adapt to the tools of a general physician no longer exists. Urologists who utilize a Urology EMR have exactly what they need from their technology because it was made with their needs in mind, no one else’s.
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