Nephrology Software: Top 2 Features of an EHR

The journey to find the perfect Electronic Health Record can prove difficult with so many different options available to providers. The Electronic Health Record has come a long way in terms of the tools and features that are now available to help providers on their quest to offer patients the highest quality medical care. With a variety of vendors claiming to offer the best software, it can be difficult to decipher which one to implement into your practice. This task can prove even more difficult for specialty providers like Nephrologists who focus on one area of a patient’s health. Finding an Electronic Health Record that does not cater to the masses, but instead caters to the needs of the individual provider is important in a Nephrology software. Providers need to keep their eye out for specific characteristics in their Nephrology software that set it apart from the rest. Here are the top 2 features of an EHR that construct quality Nephrology software.

Quality Nephrology Software:

1)    Dialysis Tracking:

As a Nephrologist, it is critical that you are keeping track of patients who are meeting the four-patient threshold. A quality Nephrology software should help a provider quickly identify this information and sort patients accordingly. A provider should be able to quickly tell if a patient is behind on their visits and schedule a visit with them. An Electronic Health Record that is not made for a Nephrologist would not have this information readily available. Instead, the provider would have to go searching for this information and keep track of it themselves. This allows for patients to start slipping through the cracks and for mistakes to be made. Let the Nephrology software keep track for you. The other reason that dialysis tracking is important is that it helps providers keeps track of their visits and make sure they are billing for all of the correct ones. Dialysis tracking in a Nephrology software helps to maximize patient visits, efficiency, and revenue by helping providers manage the information that pertains to their specialty.

2)    Dialysis Rounding

Nephrologists have to keep track of many different patients whom they can see at multiple different locations. Dialysis rounding helps the provider to keep track of their patient rounds lists by location to fast-track their day and keep them moving efficiently while staying on top of the game. Dialysis rounding in a Nephrology software also helps a Nephrology provider keep track of which patients have already received their monthly comprehensive visit and who still needs one so that no one slips under the radar. Dialysis rounding is an important feature for any Nephrologist looking to stay efficient and organized as they visit with their patients.

Other Features to Look For:

1)    Patient Timeline

An issue that comes with any vendor claiming to offer an “all-in-one EHR” for any provider is that the information that pertains to the specialist is not readily available. With the Patient timeline in a quality Nephrology software, providers get a snapshot of the important information that pertains directly to their patient and the part of their health that they are looking at. The patient timeline is not filled with distracting information that slows down and deflects the workflow of the provider as they are trying to visit with their patients and form care plans. This is an important feature of any Nephrology software so that nephrology providers have only the information they need when they need it.

2)    Integrated telehealth

Another feature that providers should look for in their Nephrology software is integrated telehealth. Patients want Telehealth from their providers now and in the future. Telehealth offers patients the opportunity to visit with their providers from the comfort of their home and avoid the sometimes-frustrating visit to their doctor’s office. Telehealth that is completely integrated with Nephrology software allows for providers to have all of the information from the visit directly uploaded into the patient’s chart as well as file a claim all in one stop, with one log-in.

Having a specialty EHR is not only important for the health of the patients, but for the health of the practice. With both dialysis tracking and dialysis rounding in your Nephrology software, Nephrology providers have the opportunity to streamline their workflow, maximize revenue, and improve efficiency in their practice. With other features like the patient timeline and fully integrated Telehealth, Nephrology providers will have the tools they need from their Nephrology software that align them for success.

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