Nephrology Software to Support Your Practice

With physicians spending as much as two hours in their Electronic Health Records (EHR) for every one hour spent with a patient, it’s no wonder surveys have also found a strong correlation between EHR usability and the odds of physician burnout—especially among nephrologists. Implementing a nephrology-specific EHR is important not only for your practice’s workflow but also for your providers’ overall well-being.If you are in the market for a new, nephrology-specific EHR and/or medical billing software, you’ve probably realized it can be difficult to know which solution will work best for your practice. iSalus provides the nephrology software that can help ensure positive physician well-being, the delivery of better patient care, and more

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Tools to Improve Patient Engagement

Today, patients expect timely, secure, and convenient mobile communication where they live and work. As a nephrologist, you can provide better patient engagement through a strong and capable EHR solution. Your vendor will be able to support your team’s efforts to keep patients and staff engaged from virtually anywhere.Digitizing the patient experience through EHR, Billing, Scheduling, Telehealth, and other solutions can help improve patient communication while transforming clinical care and the patient-provider relationship.When you combine the powers of analytics and automation with artificial intelligence, your practice could not only boost patient engagement, but also automate labor-intensive administrative duties, access critical patient insights, and improve practice performance overall.

Your Workday Just Got Easier, with NephroChoice

We understand the intricacies of nephrology practices, and we’ve configured NephroChoice to meet your specific needs. We also offer nephrology-specific solutions and services to help you bring in more revenue and grow your practice.

NephroChoice Key Features:

Patient Timeline + Interactive Patient Summary: Our award-winning patient timeline gives you a snapshot of your patient’s history all in one spot, while our patient summary feature allows you to quickly view vitals, meds, lab results, and more, all on a single screen.

Intelligent Intake Forms: Decrease patient wait times, reduce data processing errors, lessen the load on front office staff, and increase overall efficiency with our online automated patient intake forms.

• Customized Order Sets + Documentation: From initial consult to diagnosis, enjoy templates and custom order sets made to fit the documentation and in-house or outsourced order needs of each provider in your practice.

• Dialysis Rounding & Tracking: Track patient rounds lists and visit levels, and be automatically reminded to complete the monthly comprehensive visit.

• Efficient Scheduler: With our award-winning, feature-rich scheduler, you can color code appointments and increase efficiency.

• Mobile App: Our powerful app grants you secure access to all patient charts from anywhere with an internet connection.

• Telehealth: AnywhereCare allows you to offer fully integrated telehealth visits for patients who need access to more convenient care.

• Patient Portal: Give patients instant, 24-hour access to their personal health information, appointment requests, and online bill management form anywhere with MyMedicalLocker, a secure patient portal app.

• CCM Services: Patients with multiple chronic conditions can now better manage their health and achieve a higher quality of personal care with the help of our Chronic Care Management Services team.

• Dialysis Billing + Batch Eligibility: Save time and increase efficiency. Create dialysis claims en masse, offer flexible credit card payment options, and run eligibility checks in bulk over practice-defined needs.

Nephrology practices love working with NephroChoice for more reasons than our incredible software. It’s more than the additional products and services we offer too. It’s about working together as a team to collaboratively engage your patients.

Download the EHR Buyer’s Guide for Nephrology.

Get Started with EHR and Billing Software Built for Nephrology

With nephrologist burnout rates so high, something’s got to give—and it starts with your EHR and billing software. In fact, physicians feel strongly that too many bureaucratic tasks (58%), too much time at work (37%), and the increased computerization of their practices (28%) are contributing in a big way to their burnout. Now is the time to choose an all-in-one EHR and medical billing software that can help ensure positive physician well-being, the delivery of better patient care, and so much more. If you’re ready to learn how NephroChoice can help, let’s talk.

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