How to Choose the Best Nephrology Software for Your Practice

With an excess of Electronic Health Records on the market, finding the right software for your Nephrology practice can seem overwhelming. Software vendors everywhere are offering an array of technology, but how do you know what will truly help your practice?

The truth is, Nephrology practices need to use specialized Nephrology software if they wish to optimize their workflow and maximize their productivity. By using a specialty and customizable Nephrology software, your practice can avoid unnecessary features, data, and information that do not pertain to the needs of your organizations and, instead, access specialty-specific tools that enable your team to accomplish its best work.

Streamline Workflow Processes with Nephrology Software:

Quality Nephrology software makes it possible for your team to minimize workflow inefficiencies, accomplish the most in their day, and avoid feeling stretched too thin. Below are 5 features of Nephrology software that enable your team to streamline their workflow and improve patient interactions.

1)     Dialysis Rounding

Nephrology providers often have to travel to several different locations to meet with a long list of dialysis patients. Dialysis rounding features found in quality Nephrology software enable providers to round and sort patients based on location and add a dialysis visit to a patient’s chart right inside their EHR. This tool also helps sort patients by level of visit to ensure you complete each required comprehensive visit.

2)     Dialysis Reporting

Next, Dialysis reporting tools make it possible for specialists to sort and identify patients that have met the 4-visit threshold for dialysis. This ensures that each patient is meeting their required level of dialysis, but also ensures that your practice complies with all dialysis regulations. Quality Nephrology software will enable your team to provide the most efficient and comprehensive patient care possible while also protecting the health of your practice.

3)     Mobile Access

Mobile access is vital to on-the-go Nephrology specialists. A quality mobile app working in tandem with your EHR enables providers to create new and modify existing encounters at the time of service, no matter where they are. It also enables real-time access to patient records, the upload of images directly into the patient’s chart from a mobile device, and HIPAA compliant communication between everyone on your team.

4)     Integrated Billing

Integrated billing found in a quality Nephrology software not only enables your team to optimize workflow processes, but also maximize clean claims and reimbursements. Real-time eligibility verification ensures your revenue is protected before an appointment even begins. Digital claims submission enables transparency and greater efficiencies with intuitive financial dashboards and practice financials. With billing features in your nephrology technology, providers can ensure success in their bottom line and optimize their revenue cycle.

5)     Customizable Dashboard/Templates

Lastly, your Nephrology software should offer customizability and flexibility throughout multiple different processes. The dashboard of each provider should enable customizable options to help them perfect their individual workflow. Custom templates enable the flexibility a provider needs with each encounter, ensuring the quality and accuracy of data throughout each patient chart. Customizable Nephrology software ensures your practice can tailor its workflow to the unique identity of your organization rather than have to adjust to stiff, inflexible software.

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