How to Get Patients Interested in Chronic Care Management During a Pandemic

Chronic Care Management is an incredible program that connects eligible Medicare patients across the country to life-saving services. Created in 2015, by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Chronic Care Management reimburses eligible clinicians for offering this program to patients in need. Providers who choose to implement CCM at their practice not only lead their patients toward a better quality of life, but also introduce an entirely new stream revenue into their bottom line. This is especially vital during a pandemic such as COVID-19.

The biggest question is, once a provider has chosen to implement Chronic Care Management at their practice, how do they get patients involved? Below are 5 ways to encourage patient involvement in your CCM program.

Offering Chronic Care Management to Patients

1)     Explain the Benefits

For patients who are unfamiliar with Chronic Care Management, providers should take the time to explain, in detail, what it means for them and their medical care. CCM offers patients the opportunity to connect the many different components of their healthcare, minimize the number of traveling/testing/labs they must complete, and, in many cases, improve their overall quality of life. With essential care coordination services, providers and patients can depend on a quality CCM services vendor to make their care process as simple and helpful as possible.

By taking the time to explain to eligible patients what Chronic Care Management can contribute to their life, more patients are likely to sign up.

2)     Get Your Staff on Board

An important step in getting more patients to sign up for Chronic Care Management is to make sure your staff is also on board. Many of the time-consuming processes involved in a CCM program can be managed successfully by a quality vendor, but your patients still depend on the knowledge and experience of your staff to make decisions.

Make sure your staff understands Chronic Care Management, how it benefits the patient, and how it will help your practice grow. The more prepared your staff is to answer important patient questions, the more likely a patient is to sign up for services.

3)     Progress Reports

Many patients wonder how providers will track their progress to determine if utilizing Chronic Care Management is worth it. The good news is, with a quality CCM partner, providers receive monthly reports on the patient’s progress. With this information in hand, providers can empower patients to continue utilizing CCM services and leverage positive outcomes to get new patients to sign up.

4)     Prescription Refills and Discounts

For patients battling multiple chronic conditions, the cost of multiple prescriptions can add up incredibly fast. Not only this, but constantly needing to request refills for your prescriptions can be incredibly tedious and time-consuming.

Chronic Care Management connects your patients to discount opportunities when it comes to many of their prescriptions. By partnering with a quality CCM services vendor, providers can also ensure that their patients work with someone to reconcile any medication discrepancies and refill their prescriptions automatically each time.

5)     Engage Community Resources

Lastly, Chronic Care Management will help your patients access incredible community programs and resources that they might have previously been unaware of. Your CCM services partner will work diligently as an extension of your organization to make sure your patients are connected to every tool they need to see success in their care and improvements in their quality of life. By connecting to these resources, your patients gain yet another person in their corner who wants to help them achieve the best outcomes possible, improving their chances and their overall medical experience.

To learn more about a Chronic Care Management partner who can help your patients succeed, click here.