5 Reasons Neurologists Should Implement A Neurology EHR

Neurologists, while widely respected and admired, are not exempt from the complicated operational, administrative, and compliance tasks that are a key part of American healthcare. Actually, Neurologists need specialty-specific software more than most due to the complicated nature of their specialty. Medical billing codes need to be accurate, administrative processes must reach the highest levels of efficiency and accuracy, and Neurologists must be able to access important patient information as quickly as possible. The key to optimizing your Neurology workflow and improving your practice is to implement a Neurology EHR.

1)    Easy Integration with a Neurology EHR

The integration of any new technology into your already running practice can be overwhelming. It is especially difficult when you lack the tools necessary for easy implementation. A quality Neurology EHR should offer providers total integration with the other software in their practice to simplify implementation, but also improve clinical workflow, billing workflow, communication, and patient engagement. A trusted vendor of a specialty-specific Neurology EHR should offer an easy software integration solution that will not slow your practice down. On-site training quickly relieves any growing pains and allows your practice to work at its best.

2) Customizable Templates

Neurologists complete encounters with patients that are incredibly specific and need workflow tools that reflect that. For example, a “one-size-fits-all” Electronic Health Record claims to fit a comprehensive set of diagnostic tools, documentation tools, and more that will work for any provider. What ends up happening is that specialists have to search through the information that is useless to them to find what it is they need. A Neurology EHR is designed for Neurologists and no one else. Fit with customizable templates, Neurologists no longer have to encounter information that does not pertain to them and only see Neurology-specific information. This includes a list of the most used prescriptions for Neurology diagnoses across the country, and custom documenting options that allow them to adjust to each specific encounter. The right vendor of a Neurology EHR will take it one step further and tailors templates and software directly to your practice.

3) Integrated Practice Management

When provider integrates their Electronic Health Record with their other health practice technology, they unlock workflow capabilities that help your practice shine. Your Neurology EHR vendor should offer an integrated practice solution that assists your practice with billing services and patient portal usage. When your Neurology EHR is integrated with your practice management solution and patient portal, you can improve the number of patient payments at your practice while also decreasing no-shows, improving patient satisfaction and engagement, and more. Better billing, scheduling, payment processing, and communication are achieved when your Neurology EHR integrates with your practice management software.

4) Quick Results

With instruments like E-prescriptions and Automated Lab Results, providers can offer their patients quick results when they use a Neurology EHR. For example, if a patient gets their blood work done, they can receive their result on their patient portal as quickly as later that day. Providers are able to communicate test results online, ask their patients to come in for a discussion on their results, and offer digital prescriptions based on their test results. This is possible when a provider utilizes a Neurology EHR. With specialty-specific software, Neurologists can order test results and electronic prescriptions with a few clicks of their mouse.

5) Efficient Access

Efficient access to practice technology and data is vitally important to any neurologist. Accessing a patient’s Personal Health Information (PHI) is vital to make the most informed clinical decision at any given moment. A Neurology EHR from a quality vendor can optimize your practices access efficiency when it comes to accessing charts, data, lab results, and more, all in one place.

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