4 Benefits of Nephrology Billing Software in 2019

No matter what specialty we look at, patient care is and should be the number one priority among all medical providers. This is true for Nephrologists who are eager to focus on their patients and not on the many other things that matter. The tasks that are crucial to a practice, but should not occupy all of their time. Things like Dialysis tracking, rounding, reporting, and billing should not be a priority to Nephrology providers who are focused on meeting with patients for dialysis visits, chronic kidney disease, a much more. Details like billing and claims processing should be happening without putting stress on providers who need to direct their attention to their primary focus. Because billing and claims processing are still important to the survival of a practice, Nephrology providers need quality Nephrology billing software that helps them handle everything in 2019. A quality Nephrology billing software takes the pressure off of Nephrology providers to waste time on billing and allows them to focus on their patients, while still maximizing payments and revenue. Here is how:

How Nephrology Billing Software Works:

1)    Multiple Claims Processing

The old way of filing claims involved filing them individually for each patient to make sure it was done correctly. Not only did this waste a considerable amount of a Nephrology providers time, but it increased the risk for misfiled claims, claims to go unbilled, and payments to go unreceived. Nephrologists see hundreds of patients for the exact same thing and this is exactly why they need Nephrology billing software. Nephrology billing software prevents providers from having to file claims individually. Instead, this tool files hundreds of claims simultaneously. Nephrology billing software sorts and files claims based on the level of service, type of visit, insurance provider, among other methods to save the provider their valuable time. This method of multiple claims processing not only saves time so that the provider can focus on their patients, but it provides a more accurate approach to filing claims that increase the clean claims rate at a practice and increases payments received.

2)    Payer Clarification

Depending on the payer that a provider is filing a claim with, a provider may be able to bill mid-month for a dialysis visit or they have to wait until the end of the month. Before Nephrology billing software, it was difficult to distinguish between which payer allowed for mid-month billing versus end-of-month billing. This is an important benefit of this tool because this process is simple and efficient, allowing a provider to never miss a payment from a payer who allows for mid-month billing.

3)    Front Office Staff

Not only does Nephrology billing software free up the time of the provider so they can focus on their patients, but it liberates the time of the front office staff as well. The front office staff often receives a lot of the responsibility that comes with the filing of claims. With the time-saving convenience of Nephrology billing software, front office staff can focus on other important responsibilities. The plate of the front office team is full and this tool can help lighten the load without sacrificing quality. Nephrology billing software accurately and efficiently makes sure every claim is filed without wasting anyone’s time.

4)    Maximize Reimbursement

Each one of these aspects plays into the ability Nephrology billing software has to maximize reimbursements within a practice. By identifying gaps in care, this tools helps nephrology providers see exactly where improvements need to be made and services need to be offered. By freeing up the time of the provider and front office staff, the focus can be shifted to just the patient, increasing the quality of care that a Nephrology practice is able to provide. Mass claim creation increases clean claims and improves revenue overall. Nephrology billing software is crucial for increasing revenue and maximizing reimbursements at a practice.

Nephrology billing software is crucial for any Nephrology provider looking to improve the focus of their practice in 2019. This tool allows for multiple claims processing, payer clarification, improved efficiency, and accuracy across the board, and maximized revenue and reimbursement. These benefits of a quality Nephrology billing software have the ability to help build a quality Nephrology practice in 2019.  Learn more here: https://isalushealthcare.com/nephrochoice