4 Ways the Right RCM Vendor can Increase Revenue

When you run a practice, there are a million different factors that go into staying successful. Providers and staff have to manage everything from scheduling, tests, labs, visits, billing, staying up to date with technology, making sure their patients are satisfied and most importantly, offering the highest quality care possible to patients who need it. When opening a practice, no provider dreams of spending all of their time on training, integrating new technology, administrative tasks, billing, or revenue cycle management. The fact is, these are all important and crucial components, that if performed accurately and efficiently, build a healthy practice. The question is, how can a provider keep their focus on healing their patients without being overcome by the other duties that exist with running a practice? One method to keep the attention directed on the patient is by finding a quality RCM Vendor to outsource Revenue Cycle Management. Outsourcing to an RCM vendor can increase revenue and improve a practice through four key methods.

Outsourcing to an RCM Vendor:

1)    Improved Accuracy

Simple coding mistakes add up quickly and can create large delays in revenue. These coding mistakes are made honestly due to the many different duties providers and their staff focus on throughout the day. Between patient care, scheduling, insurance eligibility checking, and many other tasks, it can be difficult for members of your team to make sure there are zero coding mistakes that help your practice maintain the highest revenue possible. There is just too much on their plate. The right RCM vendor is dedicated to removing the burden off of the provider and their staff to offer peace of mind. A certified team of billing experts works for the provider to make sure there are zero coding mistakes and that the billing cycle is accurately assessed. With a team that focuses on nothing other than Revenue Cycle Management, the right RCM vendor can increase revenue by improving accuracy in this area.

2)    Increased Efficiency

When a practice decides to bypass an RCM vendor and handle their Revenue Cycle Management in-house, it can become a huge waste of time. Providers decrease efficiency in the effort to train their staff, learn new codes, investigate rejected claims, and update the processes in the office. Each one of these tasks serves as a massive time-waste that providers could have used to focus on their patient’s care. Outsourcing to a quality RCM vendor means increasing efficiency in your practice while having peace of mind that each one of these tasks is being done accurately by a professional whose only focus is RCM. Providers can get back to focusing on their patients and increase revenue by offering higher quality care and increasing patient satisfaction.

3)    100% Transparency

Sometimes it can be difficult to comprehend where your practice stands financially, but not anymore. By outsourcing to an RCM vendor, providers can receive 100% transparency in regards to the financial health of their practice. With this birds-eye view, providers can understand exactly where issues are occurring and where improvements need to be made. Not only this, but RCM vendors offer billing and collections experts that eliminate anxiety and restore the joy medical providers need to offer quality care. RCM vendors take care of anything that might cause a provider a headache regarding billing and collections with 100% transparency into the process of how it is being done. With this clarity in the financial process, revenue is maximized.

4)    Back to the Patient

By outsourcing to an RCM vendor, providers increase accuracy in their Revenue Cycle Management. They increase efficiency by eliminating the processes that are associated with handling RCM in-house. They also receive 100% transparency with the RCM vendor keeping them informed 100% of the time. All of this helps the provider focus on the reason they started the practice in the first place, to offer quality care to their patients. This is the fourth way that outsourcing to an RCM vendor increasing revenue. By creating more time for the patient, providers are able to increase patient satisfaction, increase the number of good outcomes, increase visits, and increase the number of on-time payments. Providers who are able to focus on their patients without the many other distractions that come with running a practice are able to offer better care and improve quality of care as well as increase revenue.
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