2 Important Functions of Nephrology Billing Software

As a Nephrologist, you have to focus on a high number of patients on dialysis. This involves keeping tabs on a high number of dialysis patients as well as traveling to different dialysis locations. This means tracking which patients have received what level of visit and how many visits they have left in the month. This means offering each patient their comprehensive monthly visit while billing individually for each visit with each patient. Nephrologists have a lot of responsibility to stay on top of with their dialysis patients while still offering the highest quality care and maximizing reimbursements. The truth is, Nephrology billing software offers two important functions that can take some of the pressure off of the provider while still helping them offer top tier care and earn maximum payments. Here are the two key features of Nephrology billing software to look for.
Dialysis Tracking

Because Nephrologists are mostly seeing patients who are receiving dialysis, it is crucial that they track every visit in order to receive the highest payment. Patients receiving dialysis are allowed to be seen 4 times in one month, the fourth visit being the required comprehensive monthly visit that Nephrologists can bill for. By keeping track of these visits, a Nephrologist can make sure they never miss a payment. With Nephrology billing software, dialysis tracking works to keep track of these visit levels for the provider. Depending on which visit the patient is on, they are tracked by level (1,2,3, and 4) and billed accordingly. Some Nephrology billing software without dialysis tracking is done manually, causing patients to slip through the cracks and miss a visit here and there. This feature of a quality Nephrology billing software makes sure a provider never misses a comprehensive monthly visit, and never an opportunity to earn a payment.

Mass Claim Creation

The second important feature of Nephrology billing software is the mass claim creation tool. Traditionally, and even is some current software, providers would have to create and file a claim individually. This might be appropriate for some providers, but not for Nephrologists. Due to the fact that Nephrologists see a high number of patients for the same thing, filing claims individually can not only become repetitive, but it can also become a risk for errors. The mass claim creation tool allows providers to file mass claims for patients who fall under the same visit level (levels 1, 2, 3, or 4) and insurance providers. For example, if 40 level-2 visits are with people who have Anthem, then a quality Nephrology billing software will allow a provider to file them all at once. This not only expedites the claims process, but it increases the clean claims rate and improves the number of payments received. This is the same if it were 40 level-3 visits who were with United health care. Hundreds of claims can be filed in seconds with the mass claim creation tool of Nephrology billing software.

The Benefits of Nephrology Billing Software:

1)    Improved efficiency

With dialysis tracking and mass claim creation, providers and their staff can eliminate wasted time by focusing on why they are really there, the patient. Nephrology billing software helps to simplify the daily responsibilities of a Nephrology practice and allows them to stay on top of the game with increased efficiency that has previously been unattainable. With Nephrology billing software, providers can improve the workflow of their practice while simultaneously improving the quality of care their patients are receiving.

2)    Increase in Payments

One of the most noticeable and exciting benefits of Nephrology billing software is its ability to increase payments and reimbursements within a practice. By ensuring that the provider never misses a billable visit with a dialysis patient, providers can rest assured that they will see increased payments when they switch. Not only this, but the mass claim creation tool makes sure claims are filed correctly and on time, maximizing reimbursement and increasing payments as well.

These two features of Nephrology billing software are important to the future and success of any nephrology practice. Make sure to look for them when searching for the right software for your practice.  If you would like to learn more about nephrology-specific practice management, EHR and billing software, use this link:  NephroChoice