2018 Telehealth Reviews Are In

The telehealth reviews are in, and both physicians and patients are elated by what this tool is offering them. Telehealth reviews from patients have consistently reflected that it is the best tool for offering a convenient, efficient and also personal form of follow-up and/or continued care compared to in-office visits. There are various benefits to telehealth, but the majority of reviews from patients focused on a few key benefits of telehealth.

Why Patients Love Telehealth vs. In-Office Visits

More and more, patients are requesting telehealth to in-office visits. Below are a few reasons why patients are increasingly recommending telehealth and the benefits these reasons provide.

1)    Easier Access to Care

One thing that patients run into quite often is difficult access to care. All over the country, there are patients who fall into the primary care desert. This is an area where PCPs are in incredibly low supply and patients have to travel great distances to meet with their physician in person. Even the physicians that are closest to them might not be the most appropriate one for them. One thing that is constantly talked about in many patient telehealth reviews is that telehealth helps patients who are trapped in this situation find an appropriate provider. Telehealth helps build a bridge between PCPs and patients without access to care so that those in the PCP desert can regularly meet with a provider of their choice. By making care less of a burden, patients are enabled to engage in their health and keep positive lifestyle choices, such as consulting with a doctor, top of mind.

2)    Eliminates Wait Times

The other benefit that shows up in patient telehealth reviews is that patients no longer have to spend a large amount of time out of their day in a waiting room. Doctors’ offices are notorious for having long wait times, which forces patients to take half or in some cases a full day off work just to see their physician for a routine physical exam. Since wait times alone are a huge reason why patients avoid meeting with their physicians and put off going to the doctor, telehealth offers patients an easy alternative to in-office visits that allow them to log on just minutes before the scheduled video visit and efficiency meet with their doctor. Patients can meet with their doctor wherever they are, eliminating the commute time and wait time. For patients, it’s a win-win!

The Benefits of Telehealth for Providers

Providers also seem to love telehealth, as it has its own set of benefits for those wanting to meet with more patients efficiently. Below are a few factors that explain why telehealth is recommended by many physicians.

1)    Ongoing Care

Providers are always searching for new ways to increase patient engagement and improve the quality of care for their patients. Telehealth is a great way to do both of these things. For providers who offer chronic care management services, telehealth offers them a way to keep patients better engaged in their care. PCPs are better able to manage and monitor symptom development and evolve treatment plans to fit the patient’s needs.

2)    Manage Prescriptions/Review Test Results through Efficient Visits

The second benefit of telehealth that physicians are excited about is the efficient visits telehealth offers so that providers can manage prescriptions and review test results. Telehealth allows providers to quickly and efficiently meet with patients to discuss any discrepancies in medication and adjust them accordingly. Also, for providers who order tests/labs on a frequent basis, telehealth allows providers to discuss and review results with patients more efficiently, unlike a phone call.

For patients and providers, telehealth is a win-win. As this technology continues to grow within the healthcare field, it will become more and more common increasing access to care for patients while helping physicians to keep tabs on the status of their patients’ health. If you’re interested in learning more about telehealth or want to see a personalized demo, click here.