How to Use the MyMedicalLocker Patient Portal App

A secure, quality, and high performing patient portal, MyMedicalLockerTM, was created by iSalus Healthcare to provide patients with 24-hour access to their personal health information.

Having the ability to access personal health information, test/lab results, request a new appointment and communicate with your provider from a mobile device or tablet is something that patients want so they can stay up-to-date on their care. MyMedicalLockerTM provides all of this and more. Let’s take a look at each feature and how patients can use it to stay engaged in their health.

How to Use MyMedicalLockerTM

1)       Navigating Your Dashboard
When you first open up MyMedicalLockerTM, you’ll see your personalized dashboard with all your stats on screen at once. View a comprehensive chart of your weight and blood pressure as well as discover any new messaged or items that were recently sent to you. The dashboard is your ‘home’ for analyzing your health and navigating your way through MyMedicalLockerTM.

2)       Requesting a New Appointment
A huge benefit of patients being connected to a practice is that they can request an upcoming appointment right from their patient portal. Appointment requests are as easy as clicking a requested date and time that will then be sent to your Admin team for review and confirmation.

Along with upcoming appointment request patients will also be reminded of already set appointments in the future, decreasing the odds of a potential ‘no show.’ Patients can also see past appointments and access critical information including their Clinical Summary for each appointment.


3)       Sending Secure Messages
Securely send an update to your patient or let them send you health concerns or questions, either way MyMedicalLockerTM allows for two-way communication between both parties all in a secure environment. Providers are able to easily send follow up notes regarding a lab or test result, send additional at-home instructions or more directly to the patient. Messages are easily accessed by simply clicking on the ‘Messages’ button on the Dashboard.

4)       Viewing a Balance & Making Payments
With MyMedicalLockerTM patients can easily and securely view and pay their bill straight from their mobile device. Balance view and bill payment is as easy as clicking the green ‘Balance’ button. MyMedicalLockerTM also allows patients to update their contact and billing information whenever necessary.

5)       Advanced Appointment Check-In
You can skip the line by checking-in to your appointment through the MyMedicalLockerTM app! Simply go to the ‘Appointments’ section of your MyMedicalLockerTM account, click ‘Check In’ and you’re done!

6)       Tracking Weight, Blood Pressure & Other Vitals
Track your weight and blood pressure to view trends and progress through MyMedicalLockerTM. Go to the ‘My Vitals’ option in the left-hand task bar of your screen and click ‘Weight’ or ‘Blood Pressure’ from the pop-out menu. Once your Weight or Blood Pressure screen pops up, select ‘Add Item’ to log your vital. Vitals from a recent doctor’s visit will also be added in so you can track all instances together.

With MyMedicalLockerTM you can track a variety of vitals that are important to you such as Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar and more. You can even note personal health goals to yourself as a reminder to stay on track with your personal health plan.

7)       Allergies, Medications & More Health Info at Your Fingertips
With MyMedicalLockerTM you can have all your health info at your fingertips from known allergies, a list of medications you’re currently taking and more. These items are listed at the bottom of your Dashboard and are filtered in from your health record by your provider.

Another efficient feature of MyMedicalLockerTM is the ability to manage your family’s health. If you are connected to other people through your provider’s office, your family members will filter into the ‘My Family’ block in the bottom, left-hand side of the screen. When people are listed you can select them from the list and view their personal health stats as well.


Lastly, the MyMedicalLockerTM patient portal app is fully integrated with iSalus Healthcare’s OfficeEMRTM and AnywhereCareTM, a complete telehealth solution. This way, patients and review their overall history in one place and make sure it is up to date. They can review test and lab results, vitals, and communicate with their providers. Everything they patient needs from a provider outside of a standard visit is right in one place.

MyMedicalLockerTM helps to make health care more accessible, simple, and convenient for patients all over the United States. By offering patients complete transparency and availability, patients are more likely to stay engaged and involved in their personal care. They are more likely to be satisfied with the care and tools they are being offered by their healthcare provider. They are also more likely to show up to appointments and complete test. Make sure you are offering your patients the highest quality care with the award-winning patient portal by iSalus Healthcare, MyMedicalLockerTM.