Why Your Urology EHR Needs Smartphone Technology Capabilities

A quality Urology EHR needs mobile technology capabilities. Smartphones are everywhere in 2023 and medical practices across the country are adopting mobile use within their workflow operations. So how can the use of a smartphone be HIPAA compliant and safe to use? Leading vendors of the industry’s top Electronic Health Records have made it possible. In order to streamline productivity, improve communications, and increase access to key data, Urologists need smartphone technology capabilities in their Urology EHR. Keep reading to find out what mobile features can benefit your specialty practice.

Benefits of a Mobile Urology EHR:

Create/Modify Encounters

When a provider has to wait until they get back to their computer to update patient encounters, data is lost. Urologists need a way to create new encounters or mobile existing ones at the time of service. Smartphone capabilities in your Urology EHR offer this chance. At the point of contact, providers can immediately create/modify encounters. This improves the accuracy of data and streamlines provider workflows.

Capture Patient Images

The ability to capture images and upload them directly into a patient’s chart is game-changing. While some specialists might use this feature more than others, it is a great way to improve the accuracy of a patient’s chart. Visual data can help a provider look back on an encounter and track the progress of the patient. Mobile Urology EHR enables providers to capture images with their approved mobile device and upload it directly into the patient’s chart.

Real-Time Access to PHI

Having direct access to data improves the quality of clinical decision making. The fewer barriers that exist for a provider to access PHI, the better they are able to help their patients. A Urology EHR with smartphone capabilities gives providers unrestrained access to their patient’s data, no matter where they are. This security feature allows providers to assess important information in the moment, rather than being forced to remember or recall data, or even wait until they can get to a computer.

HIPAA Compliant Communications

One of the most common temptations a provider can face is the urge to send a quick text message to a team member about a patient. This violates HIPAA and fails to meet the important security measures your practice has in place. One of the best features found in a quality Urology EHR is a HIPAA compliant communication tool. Providers can quickly and securely message their team members with quick questions. Not only this, but they can communicate securely with patients no matter where they are.

Outstanding Dictation

Lastly, outstanding mobile dictation that works directly with the mobile application is non-negotiable in your Urology EHR. This feature streamlines a provider’s ability to record information. The average on-the-go specialists can take detailed and accurate notes with this tool at the point of service. This amps up the accuracy in every chart.

To learn more about a quality Urology EHR with smartphone technology capabilities, click here. The right vendor is ready to help your team maximize productivity, improve security, and better help patients.