Why You Should Consider Switching to a Specialty EHR

Specialty practices and primary care practices share a common goal, helping the patient. When it comes down to how they operate, their clinical workflow, billing codes, prescription, testing, and much more are entirely different. Specialists have a different set of operational needs than that of primary care doctor and it is important that their administrative tools and resources reflect those differences. When specialists utilize an Electronic Health Record built with “everyone in mind”  they fail to access a host of tools that can help them excel. Specialty EHRs ensure that no matter their area of patient care, the provider has what they need to work most efficiently. A specialty EHR is exactly what specialty providers need in order to grow productivity, improve revenue, and encourage their patients to care more about their health.

The Specialty EHR Result

1) Improved Clinical Productivity

The impact of a specialty EHR on your team’s productivity is more than one might think. Fit with the custom tools your team is able to work more efficiently. From the start of a visit, your physicians have improved access to information that encourages simpler and more accurate decision making. In one singular data location, the provider can access patient history, view tests/labs, view custom reports, and the most common prescriptions in their field.

2) Improved Patient Relationships

A Specialty EHR offers providers and their patients the ability to communicate more effectively. The patient portal enables digital communications via a messaging center. Telehealth and e-visits encourage patients to more conveniently meet with their physicians and address more tedious health concerns. Interoperability of a Specialty EHR encourages patients to pay their bills on-time and in-full by giving them accessible billing tools, promoting understanding and eliminating fear. Digital intake lowers wait times in-office by eliminating the transcribing process while also improving clinical decisions with more accurate information. Each one of these features supporting an improved patient relationship.

By improving the patient relationship and patient engagement, you improve the overall image of your practice and encourage a growing patient-base.

3) Efficient Documentation

Efficient documentation is possible with a specialty EHR when your vendor offers customizable documenting templates that can be tailored to your practice’s specific needs. While some vendors offer templates for documentation, they fail to make them as flexible as you need them to be. A truly customizable template allows you to change the way you document to fit each type of visit, even each encounter. On one screen, your team should be able to take notes, upload images, order prescriptions, and file a claim. All completed with one-login.  A quality specialty EHR also enable mobile access to promote more accurate note-taking, in real-time.

4) Positive impact on Bottom Line

The right software can make a world’s difference when it comes to your practice revenue. Software that is truly interoperable allows you to improve your timely payments, grow your patient base, introduce new services, bill for more follow up care, and keep your patient coming in. While that sounds like a tall order for any-one software, it is achievable. The right specialty EHR enables providers to improve their payments with mass filing tools that differentiate between end of month versus mid-month payers. The right software encourages a strong practice reputation by allowing your providers to pay more attention to their patients in multiple areas. A specialty EHR encourages the introduction of new services like telehealth or chronic care management. By using the right software and increasing patient engagement, providers will find that their patients are complying with follow up care more often. Lastly, with the right software, providers will see that their patients keep coming back, increasing the number of billed services your practice renders. A specialty EHR has endless impacts on your practice’s bottom line.

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