Why Proper EHR Training is Critical to Success

Implementing new software is a time-consuming task for many medical practices, but is necessary as technology continues to progress alongside industry standards. In order to offer high-quality front-line service and medical care to your patients, providers must stay up-to-date on the tools and features their patients are looking for. Whether it be tools like the patient portal, online scheduling, telehealth, or access to Personal Health Information (PHI), patients are looking for tools that make it easy for them to stay engaged. Not only this but in order to continue to maintain high productivity in your practice while continuously producing revenue requires investing in the technological tools needed to do so in 2023.

While the implementation of new software is unavoidable for most providers, they can still avoid low-quality vendors that make it even harder. It is possible to partner with a vendor of an Electronic Health Record that offers top-of-line EHR training in an affordable way. Proper EHR training is critical to the implementation process along with the future success of your practice.

What Proper EHR Training Offers:

1)    Improved Understanding

There is almost nothing more frustrating for someone in a medical practice than the change of a system that might have been in place for years at a time. Going from a tool that you understand in-depth to a tool that you can’t tell left from right can hinder your practice if not handled the right way. When you partner with a quality vendor, that vendor offers on-site trainers alongside training materials in order to educate your entire staff more effectively and improve the overall understanding of your new EHR. EHR training like this eases many of the anxieties that your staff may feel during the implementation of new software.

2) A Simple Transition

Partnering with a vendor that offers EHR training means more than offering a provider some reading materials and sending them on their way. It means being there throughout the entire process to offer you and your team a seamless transition from your old process to the new. Mentioned before, this should include an on-site EHR training staff member combined with a digital library and continued support after that person steps away. The more resources for EHR training that your team has available to them, the smoother your transition will be.

3) Your Questions Get Answered

Ongoing support is the most important indicator of a vendor who goes the extra mile during EHR training and implementation. They know that the work is not done when they leave your office. Your staff will have questions that need prompt answers. Some vendors will expect you to find the answers on your own or gain access to customer support only for an additional cost. With a vendor who knows exactly how important EHR training is to the success of your practice, your team will have access to quality, U.S. Based customer support.

Impacts of an In-Depth EHR Training:

1) Reduce Front-Line Frustrations

The EHR training process can take a heavy toll on your staff for many reasons. Yes change can be frustrating in itself, but if your team is using a tool that is new to them or they are not used to working with a digital format, providers will find that their staff gets burnt out and frustrated, never learning how to use the software to is the highest ability. Proper EHR training ensures that your staff knows how to use the new system before ever walking away, they give your team resources to get help when there are bumps in the road, and they build a relationship with your team using dedicated account managers. Proper EHR training offers stability through the uncertainty of system changes.

2) Achieve Financial Stability

With the right EHR and EHR training, providers can access a new library of tools and functions that help them tackle revenue-impacting problems and improve their bottom line. Fully integrated software, your team can increase patient engagement, eliminate no-shows, improve communications, and develop a higher-quality system of clinical decision making. Each aspect having a positive impact on your practice revenue. Not only this, but a quality EHR is integrated completely with your practice billing and practice management to streamline insurance verification, payment processing, and claims processing. With the right EHR training, your team can maximize each of these features and improve your bottom line.

To learn more about a vendor that offers proper EHR training during and after the implementation process, click here.