Urology EMR: Why Doctors Are Frustrated

Urologists are growing consistently more frustrated by vendors of Electronic Medical Records who forget to pay attention to the specialists. The “normal” Electronic Medical Record has left Urologists in the dust without the proper tools they need from their office technology in order to run a successful practice. Urologists are sent to dig through a patient’s chart for the information that pertains to them, which is often buried under things that are important to the patient’s overall health but not to the Urologists.  However, this does not need to be the case. Urologists need to stop looking at the standard electronic medical record and start searching for a specialty specific Urology EMR. A good Urology EMR offers the Urologists what they need right when they open the chart, and much more.
Features of a Urology EMR:

1)    Total Integration

With a specialty specific Urology EMR, a urology practice has the backbone it needs with a completely integrated software that offers structure and ease to the rest of the office technology. A common issue that specialty providers run into with standard Electronic Medical Records is the fact that they are not integrated with the other software including billing, practice management, and telehealth. This causes workflow complications when providers have to log in and out of several different software types and transfer information between different technology. Urology EMR that offers total integration helps the Urologists stay on top of the game by keeping all of their software connected and in one place. This not only improves workflow and increases office efficiency, but it also develops higher accuracy by making sure providers and their team do not have to search too far for the information they need. This is the Urology EMR that Urologists need keeps office technology simple and accessible, making sure providers can focus on what really matters, their patient. In one pace, a provider can complete a visit via Telehealth, document any information in the patient’s chart, file a claim, and schedule a follow-up visit.

2)    Mobile App

With everything in the patient’s world existing on-the-go this day in age a quality Electronic Medical Record should offer providers and their patient’s a mobile app. The mobile app offers both patient and provider a mobile version of a Urology EMR that allows them to take their Urology care with them. This feature offers patients reminders for upcoming appointments, annual testing, labs, as well as display their bill in a simple-to-understand way that improves on-time payments. With everything in one place, the mobile app within a Urology EMR helps patient’s stay connected to their provider. For the provider, the Urology EMR Mobile App prevents a provider from having to stay late at the office and keeps them in touch with their patients. Approve refills, update a patient’s chart, and stay engaged with patients with a Urology EMR.

3)    Patient Portal

One of the most valuable tools within a Urology EMR is the patient portal. The patient portal is the tool Urologists need to encourage communication with patients, improve on-time payments, as well as improve follow-visits. The patient portal offers a crucial form of communication that patients need to feel connected to their Urology provider as well as feel empowered to take control of their Urology health. With a messaging center, patients can reach out to their provider to ask questions, address concerns, and stay engaged. The patient portal also offers patients the opportunity to schedule their appointments, request refills, and pay their bills in a simple way that helps the patient refrain from becoming overwhelmed by their Urology care. This component of a Urology EMR improves the relationship between patient and provider, increasing patient satisfaction and improving other aspects of the practice as well.

4)    Telehealth App

Similarly to the way the Urology EMR mobile app stays on-the-go with patient’s and providers, so does the Telehealth Mobile App. Combined with Urology EMR, providers can alert a patient on their mobile device that a telehealth mobile visit is about to begin. The Urologists can not only visit with a patient this way, but that can securely access the patient’s entire chart, document the visit, and file the claim all in one spot. This feature of a Urology EMR promotes patient engagement by offering Urology patients an alternative visit to the traditional in-office visit. It improves patient satisfaction by making sure Urology patients have what they want from their Urology providers.
It is time to stop being frustrated by the standard Electronic Medical Record. These four features of a Urology EMR combine to improve office efficiency and workflow, accuracy, patient engagement, and patient satisfaction at a Urology practice.  If you would like to learn more about a Urology EMR built specifically for Urologists, by Urologists check this out: UroChoice