Urology EHR: What is the difference?

Electronic Health Records (EHR) changed the way that a practitioner accesses health information, creates treatment plans, cares for their patients, and records information. Digitizing patient records created security, efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility in health care that was unattainable prior to the creation of the EHR. With such an incredible tool at their disposal, what issue could providers possibly have found with the Electronic Health Record? Specialty providers, like the Urologist, found that just any Electronic Health Record or one claiming to function as a “one-for-all” EHR was leaving them without the tools and accessibility they needed for their specific workflow. What Urologists needed and still need today is a Urology EHR. What is a Urology EHR and why is it different from the traditional Electronic Health Record?

1)    Urology EHR for the Urologist

One of the main issues that a Urologists would run into with a traditional Electronic Health Record that claims to work for any practitioner is that it does not have the information that they need readily available. Urologists work with a consistent set of diagnoses, tests, labs and other information on a daily basis that a general practitioner does not regularly see. Simply put, their workflow is different. Why would an EHR be set up the exact same way for two providers whose workflow runs completely diverse from one another? It does not make sense. This is why the concept and implementation of a Urology EHR is so essential to a Urologist. They need the information that pertains to them readily available, expediting their workflow and increasing efficiency. Not only this, but a quality Urology EHR should go one step further and offer the Urologist a customizable template that allows them to tailor the workflow to the individual provider.

2)    Secure Mobile App

The next tool that Urology providers should search for in their Urology EHR is the secure mobile app. As we approach 2019, health care is on-the-go now more than ever. Not only are the patient’s eager to access their information via a mobile app, but providers are also eager to help their patients this way as well. No longer does a Urologists need to be trapped in the office replying to patient messages until long after office hours. The secure Urology EHR mobile app allows a Urology provider to respond to patient messages, document, fill prescriptions, bill claims, and complete visits all from a compatible mobile device.  Just as patients want this convenience from their medical providers, the medical providers should be offered this same convenience in their efforts to deliver quality care to their patients. The Urology EHR mobile app can help providers achieve this.

3)    Telehealth

A quality Urology EHR helps patients not only access their personal health information but achieve a new level of accessibility with their providers. This is exhibited through telehealth. More than ever before, Urology providers are seeing increased numbers in follow-up visits with Telehealth. Telehealth through Urology EHR empowers patients to visit with their providers by offering them a convenient alternative to the traditional visit that takes place from the comfort of their own home or the Telehealth mobile app. A quality Urology EHR should offer patients telehealth to help providers improve their follow-up numbers as well as improve patient satisfaction with Telehealth.

4)    Patient Portal

The patient portal is the fourth tool that sets a Urology EHR apart and makes a world of difference in terms of quality. The patient portal has made Improvements in areas like intake for Urologists as well as lowering wait times for patients by allowing them to complete documentation and intake evaluation in the patient portal prior to the visit. The information is automatically transferred to the Urology EHR and reduces the time the patient has to spend in the office filling out forms. It also aids in areas like account management, patient engagement, patient satisfaction and much more. The patient portal is a valuable component of any Urology EHR and sets it apart from the competition.

For Urology providers looking for the right Electronic Health Record for their practice, they should consider going with a specialty specific Urology EHR. With a Urology EHR, Urologists will receive the customized workflow they need along with tools like the mobile app, Telehealth, and the patient portal to support the growth and development of their practice.

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