Top Two Reasons Customized Urology Templates are Important

Software vendors all over the United States claim to have an Electronic Health Record (EHR) that fits each individual provider. They claim to have a universal tool that will work for each and every practice should they implement their technology. How is this possible? The truth is that it is not possible. Some vendors simply offer providers the false promise of software that will fit their needs when, in reality, their software is the same for everyone across the board.  A sort of one size fits all.  In truth, every provider has different needs. This is true for every specialty in the U.S., including Urologists.  Fortunately, this does not have to be an issue for urology practices. With customizable urology templates, a Urologist can have their personal EHR tailored specifically to their unique needs. We don’t mean the needs of their entire practice.  We literally mean the personal needs of each individual provider.  Here are the top two reasons that having customized urology templates is important.

1)    There is no “One-Size-Fits-All” Urology Template

Urologists know better than anyone else that their workflow is uniquely specific to the diagnoses they are treating. Their patients have particular needs that cannot be summed up in a one-size-fits-all urology template that is fixed and unchangeable. Instead, these specialists need a customizable urology template that allows them the malleability in their workflow that they not only want but truly need to get their job done correctly. Adjustments need to be made in the urology template to fit how a Urologists would normally interact with his or her patient, not the other way around. Vendors should not expect a provider to change the way they operate to fit the software they are offering. This is the number one reason that a customized urology template is so vital to a practice. With the flexibility they need from the urology template, providers can have a comfortable and familiar workflow that allows them to follow their normal care pathway within their quality EHR software.

2)    Time

A provider’s time is one of their most valuable assets. Vendors of urology-specific EHR software who understand this understand that providers do not have time in their day to dig through a patient’s chart for relevant information. In fact, the less time they spend clicking around, the better. This is why urology templatesthat are customized with the information they want most will help them perform more efficiently and allow them to spend more time with their patients. A provider that does not have to waste their valuable time sifting through the lot of information that is kept in a patient’s chart has the time to focus on what really matters, providing quality care to their patient. Patients who feel that their provider is focused on them reflect higher levels of patient satisfaction and patient engagement. With improvements in these areas, Urologists using customized urology templates will see the overall health of both their patient and practice improve.

Avoid vendors who claim that their Electronic Health Record is a “one-size-fits-all” software with all of the answers. Focus on the patients, maximize workflow efficiency, and utilize precious time, building a healthy practice, with a urology-specific EHR that offers customizable urology templates. Remember that the software should have the provider in mind, not the other way around.