The Importance of Integrated Labs in Your Pain Management EHR

Pain Management Specialists need efficiency in every area of their workday. Whether you’re in hospitals or small practices, all pain management specialists depend on the results of testing/labs to determine the best course of action for their patients. Integrated labs in your pain management EHR will enable you to make efficient, accurate, and informed clinical decisions by simplifying how you view and access this important information.

Integrated Labs in Your Pain Management EHR:

1) Ease-of-Use

While it may be difficult to determine whether it is time for your practice to adopt a new pain management EHR, with the right vendor, the choice is easy. If the software is going to be more difficult to use than what you currently have, then why waste your time? Integrated labs offer a simple-to-use solution that is easy to implement. Simple-to-use features make integrating this new solution the right choice. As a pain management specialist, lab entry and ordering processes vary from practice to practice. The right solution will fit right in with the unique identity of your practice while empowering your physicians to quickly order labs and determine the next course of action.

2) Baseline and Results Tracking & Graphing

Arguably the most loved feature of integrated labs is the baseline and results tracking/graphing. This feature in your pain management EHR enables providers to access a visual composition of the patient’s labs that they can view and track over time. This makes it simple for providers to identify commonalities, trends, or areas that need to be addressed by having the relevant information in front of them, on one screen. In the past, providers would have to look through old labs and work hard to determine these kinds of details. The integrated labs feature of a quality pain management EHR offers an efficient solution, saving the provider time while improving clinical decision making,

3) Seamless Billing

Integrated billing is an essential feature of any pain management EHR. Without it, providers see a decrease in things like patient payments, billing literacy among patients, clean claims, and more. To ensure seamless billing, your vendor should offer lab billing account information to be configured for each employer and location. They should also offer an integrated solution that empowers patients to learn about their medical bills through their patient portal, as well as process online patient payments, 24/7.

Your pain management EHR should not slow your practice down. It is time for pain management providers to maximize their efficiency by utilizing an EHR with integrated labs. Other efficiency features that your pain management EHR vendor should offer include integrated billing, a quality patient portal, and the ability to go mobile. At the end of the day, partnering with the right vendor will determine the level of success your practice sees from their EHR. While the quality and usefulness of the software is important, your vendor should also empower your team to learn and implement the software as seamlessly as possible.

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