Why Integrated Labs are Vital in Your Pain Management EHR

While every medical profession could benefit from integrated labs in their Electronic Health Record, it is absolutely vital to have in your pain management EHR. PM specialists rely on this data to determine their course of action regarding their patients and their care. Without quick access to this information, pain management providers lack the key data that protects their patients and informs quality clinical decisions. Integrated labs are vital in your pain management EHR. While the lab entry and ordering process may vary depending on your location and employer, a flexible pain management EHR can offer you the lab tools you need to achieve success.

The Role of Integrated Labs in Your Pain Management EHR

1: Flexibility

Every practice is different, some have their laboratory in-house while others are located elsewhere. Interoperability and flexibility are non-negotiable in your pain management EHR. Integrated technology makes it easy for providers to log in and view test results right when they come in, no matter where they are in position to their lab. This kind of flexible solution can also meet your unique needs by offering your practice customizable options to tailor the technology specific to your organization. These tools will streamline your assessment and decision-making processes to improve quality and deliver top-of-the-line care to your patients.

2: Simple to Use

With lab entry and ordering processes varying across organizations, your practice needs a simple to implement and easy to use pain management EHR. Features like baseline/results tracking and graphing capabilities help your team quickly complete steps in their daily workflow, reducing technology frustrations and time spent searching for data. Integrated labs are displayed in any easy to navigate pain management EHR interface, helping your team efficiently find the data they are looking for and translate that into clinical decisions for their patients.

3: Simplified Billing

Next, integrated labs in your pain management EHR should offer seamless billing integration, allowing optional lab billing account information to be configured for each employer and location. Simplified billing helps protect your bottom line. Making it simple for your team to complete charge capture processes and code claims, integrated billing helps increase clean claims and bring in more revenue across your organization. Your EHR should simplify billing within your organization so providers can worry less about their bottom line and focus more on patients.

4: Patient Portal Access

Integrated EHR and practice management software enable your practice to give patients unrestricted access to their personal health information. In their patient portal, patients can view lab results as they come in. Your software should offer patient education tools that help patients better understand how to tackle health goals and improve poor lab results. This software integration also improves the scheduling process, helping your patients comply with follow-up care after their lab results come in.

Integrated labs in your pain management EHR enable your team to improve the overall quality of care you offer your patients, improve clinical decisions, and improve patient outcomes. To learn more about an integrated pain management EHR fit with billing and practice management technology, click here.