The Impact Coronavirus Has on Telehealth Adoption

The Coronavirus pandemic has the attention of every individual in our nation as everyone tries to adapt and adjust to the new regulations in place. Social distancing and shelter-in-place orders have providers experiencing record low patient volumes as patients are advised to avoid medical organizations as much as possible during this time.

Providers everywhere have turned to telehealth as the solution to patient care during the Coronavirus pandemic. The use of a virtual visit solution has made it possible for providers to continue visiting with patients until in-person interactions are permitted.

The rapid rise of telehealth adoption across the US has many wondering what this means for the future of medicine, the use of virtual care technology, and whether or not patients will continue to depend on a telehealth solution as time moves forward.

The Continued Use of Telehealth Through the Coronavirus

While some organizations have started to open their doors again, it is expected that social distancing regulations will still be in place for a major portion of 2020. While patients everywhere are hoping for things to return to “normal” in the next few weeks, experts predict that the use of telehealth will only continue to grow in Q2. 

Once the Pandemic is Over:

While there is no definitive date for when the coronavirus pandemic might end, there is hope that a solution will be found by late summer or early fall. This has providers questioning whether or not telehealth adoption will continue to rise, or will it drop once the pandemic is over?

It is expected that, if the coronavirus pandemic continues to rage on in our nation, that telehealth adoption will continue to grow. The more patients that try a virtual visit alternative with their providers are expected to continue using it once the coronavirus ends.

For patients who have had the opportunity to try a telehealth solution with their providers, the use of this tool opens up a window for convenience and accessibility even once in-person visits are permitted.

Continued Use of Telehealth in the Future:

The adoption of telehealth will continue to benefit your patients and practice even after the coronavirus is no longer a pandemic and in-person visits are accessible.

Patient Convenience

Telehealth technology offers an incredible option for patients to easily access their physicians. Eliminating the need to take time off and travel all the way to their provider’s office makes the idea of visiting with a medical provider more attractive to busy patients

For patients who are utilizing this tool so that they can visit with their physician due to the pandemic, the overall convenience of virtual care will encourage them to use it in the future.

Increase in Remote Care Services

Telemedicine technology enables your patients to receive certain types of care from their remote homes or facilities. This is incredibly useful for patients who are in need of frequent testing or visits with their provider or specialists. Remote care options include things like digital sugar tracking for patients managing diabetes or even at home dialysis options for Nephrology patients. Tools like this are being implemented across the country in an effort to keep patients safe and at home during the coronavirus. It is expected that, once patients see how much flexibility these remote care options offer in their day-to-day life, the more patients will continue to use them after stay-at-home regulations have been lifted.

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