The 6 Best Mobile Features to Look for In a Neurosurgery EHR

Mobile health practice technology has evolved, introducing mobile capabilities into the latest Neurosurgery EHR. Why is this important? Neurosurgeons must remain meticulously detailed and informed on their patient’s health data, they must be available to respond at a moment’s notice, and they need to be able to utilize their EHR from anywhere at any time. A Neurosurgery EHR with mobile capabilities will not only simplify the day-to-day workflow of the surgeon, but it will also empower them to help their patients better than ever from their secure mobile device. Keep reading to find out how to identify the quality mobile components of a Neurosurgery EHR.

Top Mobile Neurosurgery EHR Features

1) Modify Existing Encounters

Prior to the existence of mobile Neurosurgery EHR, physicians could only modify or create encounters from the desktop computer safely installed at their practice. This made it difficult for physicians to accurately record encounters, especially if one was conducted in a patient’s home. With a mobile Neurosurgery EHR, providers can modify existing encounters as well as create new ones all form a secure mobile device.

2) Image Capture & Upload

If a patient has external symptoms such as swelling, bruising, or anything that may be visible to the eye, providers now have a simple way to chart that information. Image capture is the next mobile feature that providers should find beneficial in a Neurosurgery EHR. From their mobile device, they can safely upload images directly into the patient’s chart, helping them better track a patient’s condition and recall that information later on.

3) Real-time Access

One of the best features found in any electronic health record is a communication tool found in an integrated patient portal. It allows patients to ask questions or bring up concerns that might have been missed in a regular visit. The mobile feature of a Neurosurgery EHR enables providers to quickly access patient medications, problems, and notes in real-time. This way they can respond to their patients or make an informed clinical decision even if they receive a message while out of the office.

4) Prior Eligibility

Neurosurgeons often operate out-of-network. This can make the cost of services even more of a mystery to the patient than that from other specialists. Prior eligibility and price transparency features found in a quality mobile Neurosurgery EHR enable providers to communicate coverage and cost of services to patients as quickly as possible so they can prepare.

5) HIPAA Compliant Communications

Not only can a provider review patient health information from a mobile Neurosurgery EHR and respond to their patients, but they can also communicate with their staff. With HIPAA compliant communication capabilities, providers can quickly make requests to their staff without risking patient data in the process.

6) Mobile Dictation Tools

Dictation can often be risky without the right technology, but it is absolutely necessary to help providers chart quickly and accurately. With the right mobile Neurosurgery EHR, providers can gain access to outstanding dictation tools that help them record information accurately and efficiently without risking the integrity of patient data.

Mobile software is the future and your practice needs a mobile EHR to function at its highest level of clinical decision making and workflow efficiency. Mobile technology can improve communication, accuracy, access to information, and the integrity of data within your walls. To learn more about a Neurosurgery EHR with mobile capabilities, click here.