Specialty EHR Benefits: How Will the Right Software Help Your Practice?

Specialty providers everywhere are seeking out quality technology to help their practice flow more efficiently, improve their documenting and reporting processes, and ramp up their medical billing. The issue many providers are running into is that the field is flooded with software vendors who make promises and never deliver.

The right specialty EHR benefits practice in a multitude of ways. The key is to identify a quality software vendor who offers the tools you need to grow. With the right vendor, providers will see clear and quick results in terms of specialty EHR benefits.

Specialty EHR Benefits and Features:

1) Improved Practice Organization

One of the first specialty EHR benefits is improved practice organization. The right EHR will help establish a logical interface that is modified to the individual needs of your practice and specialty. This means having simple access to important patient data without having to scroll or click through a patient’s chart for buried information. Customizable screens are an EHR benefit that enables improved clinical decision making while returning your attention to the patient.

2) Completely Integrated Solution

With an integrated and interoperable solution, your practice can expand its ability to reach its patients, collect and verify information, manage patient payments, and access important data. This EHR benefit allows for an integrated patient portal that helps providers and their patients communicate with a few clicks of their mouse. It allows for instant eligibility verification and payment processing. It also enables providers to utilize interoperability to access patient data from other providers.

3) Reduction in Human Error

With tools like digital patient intake, providers can improve the accuracy of patient information and the quality of their clinical decision making. This feature of a specialty EHR benefits providers by eliminating the transcription process that many are still using to input patient data. Instead, the patient utilizing on-screen digital intake forms either at home or in the office and inputs the information, themselves, directly into their chart. This prevents your front-line staff from having to decode difficult handwriting or make guesses where they shouldn’t be.

4) Cloud-Based EHR Solution

The next example of how a specialty EHR benefits providers is a cloud-based EHR solution. For as long as the “house visit” has existed, providers have compromised their documenting process. On-the-go providers would be forced to wait until they returned to the office to document their visits with patients in the practice system. The right EHR benefits your practice by allowing providers to visit with their patients from wherever they need to while still updating their chart in real-time.

5) Reduction in No-Show Visits

No show visits are a hindrance to nearly every provider as they are huge time wasters and they poke holes in your revenue. A specialty EHR benefits a practice by implementing automated appointment reminders that free your staff’s time while keeping your patients on top of their visits. The right vendor will offer a solution that gives your patients what they want in the form of text, email, and phone call reminders that are sent out automatically when a visit is scheduled. This gives your patients every chance they need to cancel, should they need to, and decreases the number of no-shows your practice sees day-to-day.

If your practice is searching for a specialty EHR, make sure to ask any potential vendor where their solution stands with each of these EHR benefits. A truly effective EHR benefits providers through each of these features, alongside many more. To learn more about a specialty EHR solution that can help your practice, click here.