Planned Payment Posting Changes

As you may have read from some of our past articles Release 19.7, iSalus has been working day in and day out to revolutionize our billing platform. The next major step in that process is overhauling the entire payment posting process. Our team has been working for months to make the process of creating and posting payments easier than ever.

Because these changes are so large, we will be offering free group training sessions in the coming weeks. Be on the lookout for these notices. We encourage your entire billing staff to join the sessions, ask questions, and provide feedback.

Some of the key features to be aware of:

  1. A new ‘Deposits’ window will be available to search, create, and manage deposits from one central location
  2. New posting rules have been created that allow your practice to manage exactly how payments are processed for your business
  3. Automation will be added to the payment positing process so your team can focus on problems rather than data entry
  4. A new ‘Payments’ window will be able to see the results of all of your payment posting. This will also function as a single place to see and work all of your posting errors.

We are so excited about the changes and we think that you will be too!