Nephrology-Specific Billing Saves Your Practice Time

Regardless of their specialty, providers constantly find themselves searching for more time. This is especially true for Nephrologists who are traveling from different locations for their dialysis patients, treating their patients with chronic kidney disease, and trying to manage payments and billing on top of patient care. Billing can become especially tedious for Nephrologists due to having to file individual claims for their long list of dialysis patients. This not only sacrifices the quality of a provider’s work, but it slows down their day leaving them in the office late while lowering the number of clean claims and revenue generated. Nephrologists need Nephrology-specific billing to help them improve their AR, clean claims, and efficiency in their practice. With Nephrology-specific billing, providers can save their practice much needed time for other important tasks. Here are Three ways that Nephrology-specific billing improves efficiency.

Real-Time Eligibility

The process of having to verify a patient’s coverage can consume time for a physician’s front office staff like no other. If a provider fails to verify coverage before a visit is completed, this has not only lost them crucial time, but it has now lost them a valuable source of income. If a patient receives services without coverage, a provider then has to reach out to the patient for payment. Patient payments that are made on time are wonderful but not as dependable as the immediate income from their insurance provider. Nephrology-specific billing should offer providers real-time eligibility. This feature ensures that a provider’s staff can verify a patient’s benefits status, copay, co-insurance, and services covered all with a click of their mouse. In just moments, the staff knows whether or not a patient is eligible for services. This technology saved the provider from having to track down verification, and decreased the chance of providing the patient with a service their insurance refuses to cover, ensuring payment and saving treasured time.

Electronic Claim Submission

Filing claims for dialysis patients is repetitive and monotonous. One by one Nephrology providers work to file individual claims when using standard billing software. Nephrology-specific billing should understand the needs of the Nephrologists, offering them electronically, multiple claims submission. This tool allows providers to sort and file claims based on visit level and insurance provider. For example, if a provider is seeing 10 level 4 patients who all have United Healthcare as their insurance provider, a Nephrologist can file all 10 of those claims with one click of their mouse. The mass claim filing feature of Nephrology-specific billing software decreases time-wasted on claim submission, improves clean claims rate and decreases the number of denials. This feature is necessary due to the high number of dialysis patients that Nephrologists see in a week or even a day.

Other Features of Nephrology-Specific Billing

Nephrology-specific billing not only helps to eliminate the repetitive chore of individual claim submission or offer eligibility verification in real-time. This tool also allows a provider to increase revenue by identifying gaps in care and distinguishing between payers. With the ability to distinguish between payers who allow for mid-month billing versus end-of-month billing, providers can maximize their payments received by never letting income slip between their fingers. Nephrology-specific billing matters to Nephrology providers who are eager to get the most from their billing practices.
The time has passed for the one-size-fits-all billing software. This is because there is no one-size-fits-all provider. Nephrologists need a Nephrology-specific billing software that tailors to the specific need of their specialty. As a provider, your time is valuable. Without this understanding from your office technology, providers find themselves without the resources they need to truly save time as well as get ahead of their competitors. If you are a Nephrologist and you find yourself wanting to know more about how Nephrology-specific billing software could benefit you, click here.