Let’s Be Better Together

Written by Kraig Vondran

As an industry, we can’t make things worse by trying to do something productive. We need to use this terrible situation we find ourselves in due to COVID-19 to rethink our business.

At iSalus Healthcare, we take pride in being a good business partner. And a good business partner provides suggestions and solutions. Situations like the one we are currently facing forces us to be lean and operate in a manner we are not comfortable with. However, it’s these exact situations that help us realize there are opportunities to improve or try new things.

Inevitably, we will lose talent from downsizing and there is no guarantee we will get that talent back when things return to ‘normal’. We all need to be strategic in our thinking. I was once told that “in good times, run your business like you are in bad times”.

We are all battling a slow down, so maybe it’s time to consider Chronic Care Management as a way to generate additional income while providing better patient care.

Telehealth may be beneficial to your practice, think long-term. Based on what we are seeing, telehealth is here to stay.

If your overhead is becoming overwhelming, maybe you should look at a Revenue Cycle Management option.

Maybe you have been considering a new EHR/PM system for your practice, but the time has never been right. It’s a buyer’s market, you can demand reductions in training and implementation fees from a possible partner.

We are all in this together and we need to work together to come out better and stronger.

Stay safe and be strong!


About Kraig Vondran

Kraig is VP of Strategy at iSalus Healthcare and is an Alumnus of Harvard Business School. He also holds a graduate degree in Management and undergraduate degrees in Business and Accounting. Find him on LinkedIn here.