How Patient Portals Can Improve Quality of Care

Research shows that patient portals have a huge impact on the way a patient interacts with their provider as well as their overall care experience. Implementing a quality portal within your organization can help your patients stay connected, improve communication with their providers, and help them gain insight into their overall health. A fully integrated patient portal works with you EHR, Practice Management, and Billing Software to deliver a smoother patient experience, improve patient outcomes, and grow revenue within your organization.

How Do Patient Portals Improve Patient Care?

Increase Patient Engagement

Getting your patients actively engaged in their care is essential to achieving a better health outcome. Unless a patient is independently involved in their medical care, it can be difficult to get them to adhere to their treatment plan and achieve quality results. The patient portal is vital for increasing patient engagement. This tool creates a convenient environment for your patients to stay involved, ask questions, and learn about themselves.

Improved Patient-Provider Connection

The patient portal is best known for its connection and communication capabilities. A quality solution should come with an easy-to-use messaging center where patients and providers can stay connected more than ever. Here, patients can ask important questions, bring up developments in their care, and form a connection with their provider. Without this tool, patients are put in a position where they have to address everything on their mind in a single visit with their provider, losing information between interactions and forgetting to address key details in their care. The patient portal makes it simple for the patient to stay completely connected with their provider, preventing important developments from slipping through the cracks. 

Care-Plan Access and Resources

Not only is the patient portal a convenient place for patients and providers to communicate, but it is also the place patients go to understand their personal health. Here, patients can review their care plan so that they can adhere to it more easily and gain instant access to test results in real-time. They can then review them with their providers and know exactly where they are in their progress. Increasing access to information is essential to achieving better patient outcomes.

Provider Benefits:

Streamline Scheduling

While the patient portal is helping patients achieve better results, it is also helping providers work more efficiently. A quality solution should be integrated with your practice management software to offer a streamlined scheduling process for your patients. Here, your patients can access a comprehensive view of their provider’s availability and schedule an appointment accordingly.

Collect More Patient Payments

Integrated billing technology in your portal also positions your practice to collect more on patient balances. Paper medical bills can often be confusing and discouraging for patients. With integrated billing software in your patient portal, patients can view their entire bill online and make payments on it with their credit card. 24/7 credit card processing makes paying on medical bills accessible and simple for all patients.

The patient portal has completely changed how providers and patients interact outside of the office, how much information patients have access to, and how engaged they can be in their own care. Implementing a quality solution at your practice can help your patients achieve better results. To learn more about a quality patient portal that can help the patients at your practice, click here.