How Care Coordination Helps Prevent Gaps in Treatment

Care Coordination helps providers drive quality care and pull costs down while helping patients receive the vital attention they need. Before the invention of Chronic Care Management (CCM), patients that struggle with more than one chronic condition were left on their own. They had to work independently to connect the many moving parts of their care. From a long list of specialists and appointments, patients could easily become overwhelmed by their care. This led gaps to form across the patient’s care where they were either not able to organize their care effectively or parts of their care started to slip through the cracks. Care Coordination is key to helping these patients get the care they deserve to achieve the best outcomes possible. Not only this, but a quality Chronic Care Management program with Care Coordination services can help your practice drive down costs.

Patient Benefits of Care Coordination:

Medication Reconciliation

Patients that are battling multiple chronic conditions are often on a number of different medications that are prescribed across multiple providers. It can be difficult for patients to keep track of these on their own and can often lead to dangerous medication contradictions and gaps in care. Care Coordination services from a quality vendor can offer patients medication reconciliation. The connection of their providers and a quality vendor helps patients keep track of their prescriptions and avoid these contradictions in their care.

Adhere to Treatment Plan

Just as it can be difficult for patients to keep track of their medications, it can be hard to keep track of their treatment plan. A quality Care Coordination specialist can work with your patient to make sure they understand the details of their plan and how it applies to their already established care across the board. This Care Coordination service ensures your patients are able to stay on top of these details and optimize their results.

Constant Communication

Communication between a patient and their provider is essential to achieving optimal results. A Care Coordination specialist acts as a middleman between patients and your practice to ensure communication is always available. During a monthly check-in, a Care Coordination specialist gathers any details that might need to be communicated to your organization. This tool is also available to patients 24/7 should anything come up.

Fewer Emergency Visits

With a consistent line of communication available to your patients, they are less likely to run to the emergency department when a new symptom or issue arises. Instead, they can first contact their Care Coordination specialist who is eager to help them. The specialist can work with the provider to formulate a plan of action and give the patient peace of mind. This drives down the cost of care for the patient.

The Benefits of a Quality CCM Program and Vendor

Implementing a quality Chronic Care Management program can help introduce an entirely new stream of revenue to your practice. Eligible providers can earn as much as 85k per billing provider per year. Working with a quality vendor of Care Coordination services and CCM services helps optimize your chance of reimbursement while also improving the quality of care offered to eligible patients.

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