Why Practices are Focusing on Enhanced Quality Patient Experiences in 2020

The patient experience influences the medical field on a great scale. The advancement and development of patient-centred technology are driven by the improvement of the patient experience and how important it is to the medical process. The more positive one’s experience is with their provider, the more likely they are to engage in their care. This engagement stretches across every area of your practice from patients adhering to treatment plans to the payment of patient balances. The patient is the healthcare consumer and providers are responsible for ensuring they keep coming back for the product they offer, patient care. Improving the patient experience involves focusing on more than just outcomes, diagnostics, and operations and more on what a patient expects from their providers and the safety of their environment.  

Providers who focus on creating a positive patient experience stand a better chance of growing their practice by bringing in more people and improving their bottom line. Shifting our focus on the following can help providers improve quality care and introduce innovative caregiving solutions.

Transforming the Patient Experience:

Market Demand

The technological power of this generation has led to an increase in market demand for quality personal experience, not just positive outcomes. Individuals expect their providers to create a positive environment within their interactions rather than just their medical care. With the ability to search between hospitals and providers to find the option that feels best to them, providers need to meet the market demand for a quality experience alongside care.

Digital Awareness

The digital demand of today does not only apply to smartphones and social media. Patients expect their providers to be up-to-date with technological advancements. This includes digital solutions throughout all engagement outlets including check-in, scheduling, billing, and more. Patients are used to getting their digital needs met in other areas of their lives and providers need to offer quality digital solutions to improve their experience.


The market is competitive for healthcare providers. In order to beat the competition, practices need to foster a meaningful and engaging environment for patients that is both positive and memorable. Part of this involves implementing quality and engaging technology that is focused on improving the patient experience through efficiency, safety, accuracy, and usability.

Ease of Operation

Every interaction from the point of scheduling to the time a bill is paid in full is a part of the patient experience. Providers need to work on catering to every component to reflect positively on their organization. This involves implementing easy-to-use tools like the patient portal, a queue management solution, and online bill pay.


Creating a positive patient experience benefits more than just the patient. Providers who focus on implementing patient engagement tools that improve the patient experience will also see a growth in revenue. A positive patient experience keeps individuals coming back to your organization, in addition to new patients based on positive online reviews. Investing in quality tools that both improve the experience while streamlining your practices workflow efficiency will encourage growth across your organization.

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