4 Ways Chronic Care Management Programs Help Practices Achieve a Healthier Bottom Line

The implementation of chronic care management programs is taking place in practices all across the country. Since the development of CCM by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service (CMS), providers have been able to change the way they care for their patients with chronic illness. With nearly 133 million Americans battling at least one chronic illness, this program is changing lives. Not only can a quality chronic care management program change the lives of patients by offering comprehensive care, but it can also help providers achieve a healthier bottom line. Through the CCM reimbursement program, providers can optimize their bottom line to the fuel growth of their organization.

How do Chronic Care Management Programs Improve Revenue?

Get Paid for Services You Already Provide

Many providers are already caring for many CCM-eligible patients. This means, that for services you are already delivering, you can now get paid for. This will improve the care structure for these patients by perfecting their care team and timeline, but also help you earn money for things you were already doing. Implementing a quality chronic care management program can reinforce revenue for the services you are providing to your patients while ensuring they are getting the highest quality of care.

Recurring Revenue

Implementing a quality chronic care management program introduces an entirely new stream of revenue to your practice. By outsourcing your CCM program to a qualified vendor, your practice can earn up to 85k a year per billing provider within your organization. This recurring revenue improves the health of your bottom line without straining your team.

Optimize Staff Time

Sure, in-house chronic care management programs can quickly become an overwhelming burden. A new host of rules and regulations your organization must adhere to in order to reap the benefits the program has to offer. This does not have to be the case. Chronic care management programs were established in 2015 and, since then, qualified vendors have had time to perfect the process in order to help your practice. This allows providers to optimize their chronic care management program to bring in the highest revenue possible while optimizing their staff’s time and helping patients along the way. The vendor works as an extension of your practice to ensure your patients are getting everything they need including care coordination and prescription assistance. Partnering with a vendor removes much of the burden of a CCM program while allowing providers to truly reap the benefits.

Improve Quality of Care

Without implementing a quality chronic care management program, it is nearly impossible for a provider to optimize the care of their patients with chronic illness. Quarterly visits are not enough for a provider to understand a patient’s conditions and make decisions to improve their quality of life. With the right program in place and the right partner by your side, providers can change the lives of their patients. Care coordination, monthly check-ins, prescription assistance, community engagement, and so much more help your patients achieve better outcomes over the course of their illness.

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