Electronic Patient Intake Forms Allow Practices to Compete with Larger Health Systems

The modern-day patient demands technological change such as the electronic patient intake form. Digitizing processes that have long been manual, especially for smaller practices, can promote competition with larger health systems. With tools like the electronic patient intake form, your team can offer patients the speed and convenience they are looking for. Not only this, but you can keep up with the demands of COVID-19 as it continues to unfold, eliminate data-damaging processes like transcription, and keep up with today’s technological demand. Below are 5 benefits of the electronic patient intake form.

Benefits of Electronic Patient Intake Forms:

Speed Up Intake

With a fully-integrated solution, providers can finally speed up the intake process. Previously, intake forms were completed in the waiting room, delaying patient visits until those forms could be completed. This impacted the patient experience by forcing them to wait long periods of time in the provider’s office. The electronic patient intake form speeds up the intake process. Completed online, before the visit, this tool eliminates long wait times and uploads that data directly into their chart.

Digital Interactions

During COVID-19, it is especially necessary to digitize as many patient interactions as possible. The electronic patient intake form eliminates the need for patients to use your pens, clipboards, and other shared office surfaces to complete their forms. Instead, they can complete safely from their home, their car, or wherever they have safe access to the internet.

Patient Convenience

With the ability to complete these forms from anywhere with secure internet access, the intake form offers more convenience to patients. This convenience is important to today’s patients as they receive it from most other services in their life. Online intake allows patients to complete their documents when it makes the most sense to them.

Eliminate Transcription

Data errors in a patient’s chart are often due to the traditional intake process. In the past, your team had to manually transcribe patient documents that could contain misunderstood information or bad handwriting. The electronic patient intake form allows patients to input the information directly online, eliminating transcription, and improving chart accuracy.

Keep Up with Today’s Technological Demand

Smaller practices that utilize this kind of technology do not often have large budgets compared to other large health systems. This makes it difficult to compete with the complex technology these entities sometimes have access to. With a quality intake form, smaller practices can finally compete. This tool offers the modern-day patient the same technological demand they are searching for from their healthcare providers without overworking your budget. This tool is both cost-effective in implementation and long-term spending. By eliminating paper spending, providers are able to cut costs with the implantation of this digital tool.

A quality electronic patient intake form offers your patient convenience while limiting in-person interactions during COVID-19. To learn more about a quality digital intake solution that can help your practice meet the demands of the modern-day patient, click here