6 Ways a Care Coordination Program Benefits Physicians

Care coordination and chronic care management (CCM) changed healthcare forever. With a quality program in place, providers are able to help eligible patients achieve better results than ever before. Connecting the different components of care for those suffering from multiple chronic conditions is resulting in positive outcomes across the board. Implementing a quality care coordination program with an experienced vendor can benefit physicians as well. Below are 6 benefits of a care coordination program for physicians.

What a Care Coordination Program Can Offer:

Additional Stream of Revenue

Implementing a quality care coordination chronic care management program introduces a new stream of revenue into your practice. With every visit, providers earn reimbursements through the CCM structure. The more patients you work with, the more you can build your revenue. In-house structures can easily take on too much at once, causing their program to struggle. A partnership with a quality CCM care coordination vendor can help you grow your revenue to new heights while offering patients exceptional service.

Easy Set-Up

A quality care coordination CCM program is easy to implement if you have the right help. With a quality vendor of CCM services, you can set up your program and get started as soon as possible. A member of their team works with your practice to set up a well-thought-out and perfected system to help your practice get started. Working as an extension of your organization, a quality vendor is the key to easy setup and success.

Individualized Patient Care

A care coordination program gives providers the chance to truly make a difference in their patient’s lives. Patients battling from multiple chronic conditions have been in charge of organizing their own care for too long. With so many details to keep track of, patients can easily be overwhelmed and lose track of what direction they need to go for their health. Care coordination helps patients keep track of these details in a way that makes sense, helping them achieve a better quality of life.

Monthly Escalation Reports

With a quality vendor, providers can easily keep track of their patient’s progress. Your CCM care coordination vendor will send you monthly escalation reports, updating you on your patient’s progress or barriers in their care. This helps providers and their teams form the appropriate plan of action in the most efficient and accurate way possible. With care coordination specialists keeping track of all the small details, providers have everything they need to offer quality patient care.

Less Administrative Strain

By outsourcing your CCM program, your practice will experience less administrative strain. An in-house run program is overwhelming, especially if you are still learning about how the program works and the best ways to accomplish different areas of the program. A quality vendor with experience has perfected the CCM process and will ensure your practice remains compliant while offering high-quality services.

Improved Quality Scores

MIPS quality scores are important when figuring out what reimbursements you qualify for as a practice. By participating and offering a quality care coordination CCM program at your organization, your quality scores will improve. This opens the door to new opportunities in the future.

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