Combat Burnout with Technology Built for You

Ninety-two percent of physicians report experiencing burnout at some point in their careers. Making matters worse, this comes at an unprecedented time of the COVID-19 pandemic where the healthcare experience is rapidly changing to keep patients safe and remain engaged in their care. Burnout doesn’t discriminate between specialties. In fact, specialists experience some of the highest percentages of burnout. So, at a time when the entire healthcare team is feeling the burn, it’s important to get to the heart of the issue. 

Electronic health records (EHRs) are consistently cited as a source of frustration for providers.  For specialists, EHRs are an even more frustrating experience, leading them to be four times more likely to be unsatisfied with their EHR systems, compared to primary care providers. The “normal” EHR has left specialists in the dust without the proper tools they need from their office technology in order to run a successful practice. Specialists are sent to dig through a patient’s chart for the information that pertains to them, which is often buried under things that are important to the patient’s overall health but not to the specialists. This does not need to be the case. Technology can’t solve burnout, but the right software solutions can help:

“I want…more facetime with patients.”

Practices often juggle tasks with inefficient and inoperable systems that zap productivity through complicated, redundant processes that require logging in and out of multiple systems. These frustrations filter throughout your office, eventually making their way to patients too.

Fully integrated technology solutions that include scheduling, billing, patient medical records, telehealth, document management, lab integrations, analytics, and much more can help streamline work processes, eliminate redundant work, and stop manual tasks to allow for more patient-facing care.

“I want…to reach more patients.”

It’s not the administrative work that entices people to enter healthcare. They join because of their passion to help patients live happier and healthier lives. Anything that detracts from this should be kept to a minimum.

Therefore, you need the technology that creates a better patient experience with virtual options to communicate in a way that your patients and staff prefer. 

“I want…more time with my family.”

Relying on systems that try to serve multiple specialties results in wasted time and constant workarounds. These inefficiencies take away from direct clinical facetime, but also your valuable personal time.

That’s why you need a fully integrated specialty EHR, created with the demanding specialty practice in mind. Stop sifting through data and decrease documentation load and get more done during the workday to get home to your families or personal lives faster.

At iSalus, we’re changing the narrative around burnout to start healing healthcare. That’s why we offer technology solutions in one fully integrated EHR and practice management system that make the business of healthcare run more efficiently. We aim to help your team work more efficiently, accurately, and with less risk of burnout – so you can focus on improving care. But don’t just take our word for it:

“The implementation team did a superb job transitioning us from two separate systems (an EHR and a practice management system),” iSalus customer Simran Sethi, MD, of Golden State Urology in Sacramento, Calif., says. “Since adopting iSalus, our daily operations are so much faster. The system is intuitive and we really like how reports are easily viewable on the dashboard.” 

Are you ready to take advantage of technology that can alleviate the pains of practicing medicine? Download our Reducing Burnout From Your EHR infographic to learn more ways iSalus can help your staff put their focus back on what really matters—treating patients.