Benefits of Utilizing an EHR Integrated Telehealth Platform

Telehealth use expanded rapidly over the course of the 2020 world pandemic and providers are searching for a simple to implement and easy to use solution. In order to keep growing patient volumes while simultaneously limiting in-person visits, virtual visit technology is the answer. By creating a safe and convenient atmosphere for your patients to continue visiting, they are more likely to stay engaged and feel positive about their experience with your practice. Below are 5 benefits of utilizing an EHR integrated telehealth platform.

Quality Connection

As providers rapidly search for virtual visit alternatives during the pandemic, there are some less than ideal options available on the market. You should never have to worry about your visit having a poor connection, delays in video streaming, or technical complications. You want a telehealth visit with your patient to feel equivalent to an in-person rather than a casual facetime call with a relative. With an EHR integrated telehealth platform, your practice can deliver a quality virtual experience with the full connection.

Real-time Access to Information

In order to make a visit identical to an in-person visit, you need clear and simple access to a patient’s chart. Managing virtual visits is much easier when embedded within their Electronic Health Record. Providers can easily view PHI on the same screen as their patient visit to offer the best clinical experience possible. An issue with other platforms that are not integrated with your EHR is that it is not possible to simultaneously view information, scheduling, and more while visiting with patients.

HIPPA Compliant

Security is everything when utilizing a digital tool. You never want to expose your practice to cybersecurity risks. For this reason, using a tool that is specifically made for telehealth visits is essential to your protection. A HIPPA compliant, EHR integrated platform will protect your organization from unnecessary risks while also protecting your patients.

Simple to Use

Simple to use technology is essential for both patient and provider. For the provider, simple to use telehealth software will help streamline each process, helping them visit with more patients in their day on average than traditional appointments. This is vital during a time where patient visits are down. For the patient, easy to use technology makes it easy for them to interact, bringing them back, again and again, to continue engaging with their provider.

Positive Patient Experience

An EHR integrated telehealth platform helps minimize confusion and improve the patient experience. With only one place to log in, your practice does not have to worry about walking patients through the use of separate platforms that are not related to your practice. Integrated software offers branded use for patients to not only increase their trust in the technology but improve their experience with simple access to their visit.

During a time where telehealth has proven itself essential to the patient-provider relationship, providers should make sure they are implementing the right software. Quality EHR integrated telehealth technology can offer a simple user experience that increases patient interaction while improving practice workflow. To learn more about a tool that can help your practice, click here.