4 Ways to Make Your Electronic Patient Intake Forms More Secure

The age of digital technology brought a wave of software and online tools in the medical field. From the Electronic Health Record, digital billing technology, telehealth, and more, there has always been one looming question. How do we make digital tools more secure? The good news is, digital tools can now offer more security than ever compared to traditional paper processes. For electronic patient intake, where private patient information is gathered and sent to the provider, security is non-negotiable. Should patient information ever be at risk, your patients could be in danger and so could your practice. With the right security measures in place, your practice can achieve more efficiency in the check-in process and gain more insight into patient information.

Increase Security in Your Electronic Patient Intake Forms:

Digital = More Security, Not Less

With traditional paper intake, your data is always at risk. Easily accessible from an unauthorized person, paper records can frequently find themselves in the wrong hands. With electronic patient intake forms, you never have to worry. Exclusively accessible to authorized persons within your organization, digital processes offer more security, not less. Electronic patient intake forms also decrease lost Patient Health Information (PHI) within your practice, ensuring your team always has access to the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Frequently Updated

Frequent monitoring and updating are essential to the security of your practice and patient data. Quality technology prompts frequent password updates so that login information never falls into the wrong hands. Software updates and monitoring also ensure your practice never falls victim to cybersecurity risks. Encrypted technology protects you from hackers while still enabling your team EHR access on the go. Electronic patient intake forms make it simple for patients to frequently update their data, insurance information, address, and more.

HIPPA Compliant

HIPPA Compliant technology is non-negotiable. How can you guarantee that your electronic patient intake form is HIPAA compliant? Timed logins ensure that your patients are automatically logged out if they walk away from their screen for too long and the same applies to providers. Collecting this information digitally ensures that no one can look over a patient’s shoulder in the office to get a peek at their private information. It also ensures that information is safe by eliminating the chance that a paper document is accidentally left where an unauthorized person could find it.


Cloud-based technology makes sure information is automatically updated in the patient’s chart as soon as they submit via an electronic patient intake form. Cloud-based technology may seem risky, but from the right vendor, it is the safest option to keep PHI in the right hands. Accessible on the go, patients can update their information when it makes sense to them and ensures their provider gets it.

The paper intake process is out of date and is now the riskiest way to collect and store PHI. In order to make sure your patient’s information is safe at all times, you need to utilize an electronic patient intake form. To learn more about an electronic patient intake form that can help your practice, click here.