5 Features of The Best Telehealth Software for Your Practice

Finding the right technology for your practice is one of the most instrumental moves a provider can make towards being successful. In 2019, providers are no stranger to the implementation of new technology. The struggle is not finding technology that is affordable. The struggle is finding software that helps improve the lives of both the physician and the patient. Telehealth is now one of the most used technology tools available. Bridging the gap between patients and providers, the use of this software is making strides in the development of the physician-patient relationship. Providers who are unsure which telehealth vendor to go with should consider these 5 features of the best telehealth software in the field.

1)    Start Visit in Patients Chart

It is crucial that the best Telehealth software offers unique interoperability as well as tools to simplify how providers offer care and how patient’s access it. The best telehealth software should accomplish this by simplifying desktop access to a patient’s chart and the start of a visit. Directly from a patient’s chart, providers can review the information regarding the reason for the patient’s appointment and, with a single click of their mouse, start a Telehealth visit.

2)    Geographical Location Recommendations

The best telehealth software offers the ability for providers to meet with people farther away than the normal patient base. With the ability to reach people located in a Primary Care Physician (PCP) desert, providers can expand their patient base and offer care to patients who have not had access to it for years. In order to find the best telehealth software for their practice, providers should make sure a vendor offers geographical location recommendations in their software. With this, providers can better help patients, who are not in their area, find the best pharmacy in their proximity as well as other convenient resources nearby.

3)    Text Message Updates & Follow-ups

As times progress, patients are increasingly dependent on their mobile devices to keep them plugged into the rest of the world. This includes staying engaged and involved with their medical providers. Advancements have been made in different areas of mobile interaction, but some vendors often lack one feature. The best telehealth software makes sure patients know exactly what to do in relation to their treatment plan. Quality Telehealth should offer text message follow-ups to ensure patients understand and remember their follow-up care instructions. This makes sure patients are staying on track when it comes to their health plan. Not only this, but the best Telehealth software should eliminate frustrating wait times by updating a patient on when a provider is ready for their visit, allowing them to utilize their time efficiently and conveniently.

4)    EHR Mobile Access with the Best Telehealth Software

An important feature that should be found in the best telehealth software is the ability to complete a visit via an EHR mobile app. This is very important for patients who lead hardworking, busy lives. If a patient no longer must yield to the demanding aspects of an in-person visit, they are more likely to engage their providers. EHR mobile access gives patients increased flexibility to meet with their providers when it is convenient for them, no longer disrupting their day.  From a HIPAA compliant mobile app, patients can quickly complete a visit and move on. This feature of the best telehealth software also increases the bandwidth within a provider’s schedule to see more patients in one day.

5)    Mobile Chart Access

An issue with some telehealth vendors is the fact that they may offer telehealth software, but it lacks in quality in terms of access. A quality vendor should offer providers the ability to visit in a patient’s chart with a single tap on the mobile app. Without this capability, providers find themselves lacking the data and information they need to provide quality care to their patient during a mobile visit. With increased access to information, providers are better able to make informed decisions regarding patient care. The best telehealth software should offer a complete patient history to improve decision making and improve the patient experience.

Providers should not settle for a Telehealth software lacking in these 5 features. The best Telehealth software for your practice would not only include these features, but offer much more. To learn more about how to find the best telehealth software, click here.