10 Steps to Complete A Successful EHR Implementation

The Electronic Health Record is a staple in nearly every medical practice and hospital across the United States. As the buzz around the use of EHRs has calmed down and the daily application of them is normalized among healthcare workers, it’s no longer a question about whether or not you should implement an EHR. The new question providers are asking is which Electronic Health Record will best fit the needs of their practice while being simple to implement? Successful EHR implementation is possible once you have found the right software vendor to partner with. In fact, the software vendor you choose has a large impact on the success of your EHR implementation.

Preparing for a Successful EHR Implementation:

1) Make a List

Before talking to any vendors or making any decisions, your practice must list out what is important for them in their EHR and vendor. List out what is required for your EHR implementation, both government regulated and for your practice as a whole. This might include features like a Certified EHR, customizable template, cloud-based technology and more. Mark what is most important and what you might be willing to negotiate.

2) Map Your Workflow

Map out how your practice is currently structured in terms of workflow. Switching to an EHR that demands a drastically different workflow from your team will make EHR implementation much more complicated. By writing out how your practice currently accomplished its daily goals and routine, it will be easier to see how other software will mold to that.

3) Do the Research

Do the research to find out what the latest and most necessary features are in today’s EHRs. Take a look at your competitors and peers to find out who they are using, whether or not they are having success with it, and how EHR implementation went for them.

Interviewing Vendors for EHR Implementation:

4) Reference Your List

Make sure any potential vendor knows what is important to your practice. If a vendor is not fluid in what they are able to offer your practice or how they are able to work with your team, EHR implementation will be much more difficult.

5) Ask for Proof

Successful and established EHR vendors will not hesitate to offer proof that they are the best choice for your practice. Ask any potential vendor for proof such as case studies or testimonials from past clients to prove that they are capable of working with a practice like yours.

6) Ask for a Demo

Ask for a demo for both your executive team and your staff. This helps your team, who is using the software on a daily basis, express what they do and do not like about throughout the demo. The more your team is on board with the software you choose, the smoother your EHR implementation will be.

During EHR Implementation

7) On-Site Training

On-site training is non-negotiable for any EHR implementation. If your vendor is not willing to send a member of their team to work with yours at your practice, then your implementation process is in trouble. You need someone who knows the software inside and out to be there in person to work out the inevitable kinks of new technology.

8) Educational Resources

Even with an on-site person training your staff, there should still be a library of education resources for your team to sort through and problem solve. Resources like this will help your team learn about the software and be able to address confusion more quickly.

9) Talk to Your Staff

New technology can be incredibly frustrating when your team is trying to learn it on top of doing their already demanding job. In order to mitigate this frustration during EHR implementation and prevent burnout, leadership must be open to hearing what the staff is experiencing and working with the vendor to solve any issues.

Post EHR Implementation:

10) Continued Vendor Support

Even after on-site training is complete, your vendor should never be absent or unavailable to jump in and help. U.S. based customer support should be available during practice hours to work out any growing pain and solve any issue your team has encountered.

To learn more about a vendor who can offer your practice a smooth transition into a quality Electronic Health Record, click here.