Why Practices Need Digital Patient Engagement Solutions in 2020

Digital patient engagement solutions are helping providers everywhere achieve record-high involvement in 2020. These solutions include tools like telehealth and the patient portal and are making it easier for individuals to stay connected to their providers. Read why your practice needs a digital patient engagement solution in 2020 below.

The Importance of Patient Engagement

Patient engagement is one of the most important and influential factors in the outcome of an individual’s health. Defined as the level at which a patient plays an active role in their own care, it can truly make a difference. The more involved a patient is in their medical care, the more likely they are to catch red flags and prevent negative outcomes. Patients who are actively engaged are more likely to experience positive outcomes and live healthier lives. A quality digital patient engagement solution can help providers increase involvement in their practice.

What a Digital Patient Engagement Solutions Offer in 2020:

Expanded Access to Scheduling

A quality patient engagement solution offers a simplified and expanded scheduling process to patients. With an Integrated Practice Management and Electronic Health Record solution, patients can easily access important scheduling tools. Here, they can view a comprehensive list of all available appointments at your organization. This makes it easy for patients to pic the in-person or virtual appointment that works best for their schedule. This feature can also ensure patients receive phone, text, or email reminders regarding their appointment to reduce the likelihood of no shows.

The easier it is for a patient to schedule an appointment, the more likely they are to make it to their visit. The right digital patient engagement solution can help make scheduling easy for your patients.

Improved Billing/Payment Experience

With providers everywhere experiencing an increased reliance on patient payments due to high deductible health plans, patient-centered billing is important. A patient engagement solution can make billing a simple process for the individuals at your practice. Also found in their patient portal, an integrated billing solution keeps patients connected. Here, they can view a comprehensive explanation of their bill and make a payment. With 24/7 credit card processing, your practice can collect more on patient payments. This improves the patient experiencing by taking the mystery out of their medical bill and making it simple to pay.

Promote Pandemic Interactions

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted an immediate need for quality digital patient engagement solutions. With patients staying home and away from their provider’s offices, a quality solution ensures they are able to stay connected despite limited in-person interactions. These same tools have become instrumental in powering automated and zero-contact processes at offices. Other patient engagement solutions that have played an important role in the 2020 pandemic include virtual waiting rooms, digital patient intake, contactless payments, and care coordination.

To learn more about quality digital patient engagement solutions that can help your healthcare organization during and after the 2020 coronavirus global pandemic, click here.