Why Practices are Switching to Digital Patient Intake Forms

A comprehensive collection of patient data is essential to the patient-provider relationship. The collection of patient health information helps providers get an idea of who their patient is and how to treat them. Without a complete set of information, providers are forced to make dangerous assumptions regarding the patient’s health or rely on the patient to quickly answer a question during a visit. With a full set of data, providers can make decisions more accurately and efficiently, resulting in better patient outcomes, involvement, and experiences. Where traditional intake processes involve collecting patient health information on paper forms and transcribing those documents into their chart, digital patient intake forms are a much better alternative. With digital patient intake forms, your practice will see an improvement in efficiency, accuracy, and usability throughout each chart and process.

See Results with a Digital Patient Intake Form:

Efficient Collection of Data

Traditional intake processes have patients filling out a stack of forms that then need to be transcribed into their digital chart. This approach to collecting patient data has your patients rushing to complete documentation before the start of their visit and has your staff spending hours of their time on transcription. Digital intake eliminates the transcription processes and offer a way for patients to complete these documents before they ever enter the office. This increases efficiency in your intake processes, decreasing wait times, and improving the patient experience while also empowering your team to get other important work completed.

Easy to Understand

Intake forms are often extremely difficult to read, sometimes leaving patients frustrated and confused about which parts of the form they are supposed to complete and why certain details are even relevant to their care. With a quality digital patient intake form, your patients can avoid the frustrations and difficulties associated with traditional forms. Digital patient intake forms from the right vendor make the intake processes simpler for your patients, making it easier to navigate and improving their experience.

Avoid Transcription Errors

The transcription processes can lead to dangerous gaps or mistypes in a patient’s chart, having a huge negative impact on the clinical decision-making process. These errors can happen for a number of reasons like poor patient handwriting, staff rushing through their work to get it done, or a patient not understanding the form. The digital patient intake form eliminates these issues and makes entering patient data much simpler by taking what the patient enters and putting it directly into their chart. By completing these forms prior to the visit, the patient does not have to rush trying to fill out every detail and can ask questions, eliminating bad handwriting and misinformation.

Flexible Patient Use

Flexibility is key to improving the patient experience and improving the accuracy of a patient’s chart. By giving your patients the time and flexibility they need with a digital intake, they are able to avoid the cumbersome and non-interactive paper intake process. The digital patient intake form offers patients the opportunity to both take their time completing their forms and complete them at a time that works best for their schedule.

More and more patients are expecting their providers to offer digital solutions for things like scheduling and intake processes. To learn more about a quality digital patient intake form solution for your organization, click here.