What Urology EHR Software looks Like in 2019

While it seems like providers were just researching how to improve their practice for 2018, 2018 is now also over. The new year is approaching, and it is important that Urology providers keep searching for new ways to advance their practice through new tools, but also by updating existing ones. While most Urology providers already have an Electronic Health Record (EHR) integrated into their practice, they should never stop looking for ways to make sure it is the best one for them. Having a quality EHR in 2019 is crucial for both the patient and the provider as it acts as the backbone for much of the other office technology. Here is what Urology EHR Software looks like in the year 2019.


Key Features of a quality Urology EHR


1)    Mobile App

It is the phrase of the new age and it is not going to change, patients are “on-the-go” more than ever and their medical care is evolving with them. This is true not only for patients but for providers as well. A key feature that should be featured in a quality Urology EHR is the mobile app. With the mobile app, Urologists have the ability to take their practice on the go. This includes things like patient medical records so that, in real-time, providers can access a patient’s medications, active issues, past notes, vitals, immunizations, family history, and more at their fingertips. Not only this, but the Urology EHR mobile app also offers features like charge capture to rid of lost charge tickets by creating new or modifying existing encounters at the time of service for faster payment. Other features of the Urology EHR mobile app include HIPAA compliant office communication, dictation straight into the patient’s chart, and mobile imaging.

2)    All-in-One Solution

A common issue the Urology providers run into with some Urology EHR is that it is not fully integrated with other office technology. Quality Urology EHR in 2019 combines with practice management software, medical billing software, and Telehealth to optimize the structure of any Urology practice. Fully integrated Urology EHR offers providers seamless documentation in billing that is difficult to accomplish otherwise. With one login, providers can schedule, document, file claims, review patient history, assess patient conditions, and write prescriptions. An All-In-One Urology EHR Solution is the path to increased accuracy and efficiency in a Urology practice in 2019.

3)    Patient Portal

Many Urology EHR’s are offering a patient portal for providers in recent years, but are they patient portals worth using? What Urologists need is a patient portal for the 21st century. A secure patient portal app that provides patients with 24-hour access to their Personal Health Information (PHI) anywhere from their mobile phone is what patients are searching for. Features of a quality patient portal for a Urology EHR include things like online bill management to offer patients a way to securely view and pay their medical bills online. Not only does this give the patient peace of mind, but it helps Urology providers receive more on-time payments. Other features include secure communication exchange to help your patients message your staff with questions or concerns and increase patient engagement, advance check in to reduce wait times, and complete transparency where you patient can access their medical records with the click of a button and take an active part in improving their health.

4)    Telehealth

Having taken the healthcare industry by storm the past decade, there is no reason that a quality Urology EHR should be without a Telehealth App as we approach the new year. Telehealth should be seamlessly integrated into the Electronic Health Record so that, with just a click of a button, providers can send a patient a text to begin the visit and have full access to the EHR for the duration of that visit. Mobile ready Telehealth is essential for and Urology EHR in 2019 for the same “on-the-go” reason we need the EHR mobile app. For eligible patients who cannot make it into the office due to the nature of their busy life or the fact they might be trapped in a Primary Care Physician desert, the Telehealth app could be their key to engaging with a quality provider. Other features of the Telehealth app include geo-based Healthcare Recommendations, alerting patients of the closest pharmacies, hospitals, and urgent care centers based on their location so that Urology providers can make the best recommendations.

Practice Urology in a brand-new way with an online, integrated practice management, Urology ERH, medical billing, and telehealth solution. With an All-In-One Urology EHR solution to support your entire Urology practice, providers will be prepared for the new year.

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