Announcement: Upcoming Release 19.1

We’re at it again, making updates and improving our Practice Management and EMR software to accommodate the needs of our partners with the upcoming release 19.1.  There’s no doubt you’re going to love some of the changes you’ll see in the next month.  Other changes won’t be quite as apparent, but you’ll notice a smoother, more efficient experience overall because of them.  Here’s a few highlights but make sure to read them all – we saved the best for last!

  1. Now that our improved immunization module has completed its ONC Certification testing, we can now communicate bidirectionally with immunization registries that follow the methodology laid out by the CDC.  For registries that follow the CDC guidelines, OfficeEMRTM will be able to send vaccine administration reports and receive evaluated immunization forecasts seamlessly.  This plug and play functionality will provide a much more efficient workflow overall.
  2. Part of our 2015 ONC certification required that we provide the ability to capture implantable devices.  Not all providers will utilize this new functionality but for those who will, it’s ready to go.
  3. Because quality programs such as MIPS continue to drive improvement of interoperability, we’ve stepped up and made numerous enhancements to our Clinical Summaries.  This will allow you to easily send Continuity of Care docs using DIRECT secure email.  The updates are numerous and will begin being rolled out with Release 19.1.  Be on the lookout for the entire set of improved modules over the next few months.
  4. We are continuously striving to improve and innovate.  In an ongoing effort to accomplish this, we brought in experts to identify areas where our software can be enhanced.  This has led our development team to improve on hundreds, if not thousands of items that were recommended.  While you won’t see all of them on the front end, you will notice things like improved performance and speed of the software. This is an ongoing effort as we continue to strive towards helping our partners provide a higher quality of care overall.
  5. Intelligent Intake, our online patient intake modules, received an overall polishing to make it more user friendly and efficient for your practice. We hope you like it.
  6. Hopefully you’ve noticed that the batch processing in your billing module is taking less time.  That’s because our development team built an intelligent system that sorts longer batches from shorter and medium-sized batches making sure they are processed in the quickest way possible. You should now be noticing a quicker, more efficient workflow overall.
  7. And here it is – what each and every one of our partners have been waiting for.  Your system now automatically refreshes once every minute!  We heard your complaints and made a system-wide update to the EMR Schedule so that you no longer have to click the refresh button.  Thank you to the development team for this big win!!

As we mentioned, this is a simple highlight to some of the changes, but certainly not a comprehensive list.  We’ll be putting together a much more detailed announcement of the upcoming release 19.1, along with a quick webinar overview, in order to make sure you can take advantage of every update that will help your practice be more efficient.  Be on the lookout for our detailed announcement in the May 2019 Newsletter.