Top 5 Orthopedic EHR Functions to Look For

For specialty providers, identifying which technology to embrace at your practice can be more difficult than it is for the primary care physician. Each specialty provides a unique selection of services and has a distinctive collection of needs that shape their specialty. To suggest that each specialty would function at its highest level of clinical efficiency while utilizing identical technology doesn’t make sense. Each specialty needs its own unique set of tools that mirror their needs as well as compliment what they offer. For an Orthopedic specialist, these needs include things like the ability to focus their electronic record, helping them to document efficiently. Orthopedic specialists need a specialty-specific Orthopedic EHR to help them operate at the highest level of clinical efficacy possible. When searching for a vendor of an Orthopedic EHR, providers should make sure they see these 5 functions.

1)    Efficient, Consistent Documentation:

Documenting a visit is one of the most critical procedures that providers complete hundreds of times a week. Whether it is the provider or an ancillary staff member documenting a patient’s primary complaint, documenting accurately and quickly, consistently keeps a practice from falling victim to compliance errors and denied claims. An Orthopedic EHR should offer providers a simplified interface, regardless of the patient’s presenting issues. With a specialty specific EHR, Orthopedic specialists experience the benefits of a custom workflow, tailored to the needs of not only the specialty, but the individual practice, even the individual physician.

2)    Customized Workflow

When the patient walks in the door, whether it be for their ACL, Trauma injury, or Total Joint Replacement, a customized workflow ensures that the provider spends more time focusing on the patient than documenting the patient’s chart. For an Orthopedic provider who takes it one step further and specializes on a specific injury or area of the body, custom templates make it possible to narrow down and pinpoint the information that is relevant to your practice. Find an Orthopedic EHR vendor who keeps your practice working efficiently with workflow templates specific to you.

3)    Orthopedic EHR Custom Order Set

An Orthopedic EHR means utilizing one system that caters to your needs, whether those needs are filled in-house or outside the practice. For the Ortho physician, many orders, like x-rays, MRIs, CAT scans or physical therapy can be completed in house. This is not the case for all Orthopedic doctors. So it is important that an Orthopedic EHR offers the ability to use custom order sets. This ensures that the physician can quickly order both in-house and outsourced tests/labs. These orders can be formed around the specific needs of a practice.

4)    Mobile App

When the provider is out of the office, away from their computer, for any reason, it is important that they still have access to their patient’s chart, wherever they are in case issues arise. With the Orthopedic EHR mobile app, providers can quickly access a patient’s health information and history to offer assistance on the go. An Orthopedic EHR Mobile App also extends providers the ability to review imaging, communicate securely with their patient, write prescriptions, and upload images directly into the patient’s chart. For the Ortho physician, the Orthopedic EHR mobile app is an essential part of remaining accessible to their patient’s, no matter where they are. This helps to improve things like patient engagement and patient satisfaction.

5)    Electronic Prescriptions

Each orthopedic provider has no issue staying busy when it comes to visiting with patients, documenting, filing claims, and every other part of their work day. This is why it is important for tasks, like writing a prescription, to remain simple. An Orthopedic EHR should make sure providers have access to a simple, yet powerful e-prescription process that feels familiar to their traditional prescription pad. This feature offers a comprehensive list of the most used prescriptions from orthopedic doctors all over the United States while remaining tailored to your practice and what they utilize most often. Included in the Orthopedic EHR Mobile App as well, providers can simplify the prescription process in the palm of their hand.


Specialty providers must find an EHR that functions directly in line with the needs of their practice. This is why it is so important for Orthopedic providers to utilize a specialty-specific Orthopedic EHR. With custom workflow, documentation, and ordering paired with mobile access and simplified prescribing, orthopedic specialists have the tools necessary to operate at their highest level of clinical efficiency.

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