Top 3 Features of the Best EHR for ENT

Why does a specialty provider need an EHR designed specifically for them? It is simple. They offer a special set of services to patients in need, so in turn, they need a special type of software that helps them efficiently meet those needs.  There is absolutely no such thing as an Electronic Health Record that works for everyone. When it comes to ENT specialists, they need to find the best EHR for ENT providers in order to utilize genuinely helpful technology. This type of specialized EHR is designed directly for your practice, filled with helpful tools that positively impact efficiency, clinical accuracy/decision making, patient engagement, and your bottom line. If you are an ENT specialist, it is incredibly important that you identify the vendor of the best EHR for ENT to help set your practice apart from its competitors and turn it into a leader of quality patient care and efficient workflow. Below are the top 3 features of the best EHR for ENT providers to help you identify a quality vendor to partner with.

What makes the best EHR for ENT providers?

1)    Work Order Sets

As a specialist, there exists a list of diagnoses that are used most often at your practice partnered by an equal list of test/lab orders. The thing that makes an EHR the best EHR for ENT providers is a customized order set for common diagnoses. This makes the documenting extremely efficient whereas, with a “universal” EHR, providers are left to manually enter each diagnosis and order when documenting. The best EHR for ENT providers should offer multiple solutions like this one to increase efficiencies in documenting and to optimize clinical workflow. This includes things like customizable templates to allow a specialist to document their way.

2)    Document Management systems.

Document management encompasses a variety of different recordkeeping responsibilities. Whether it be the managing of patient records or billing records, utilizing a quality document management system is necessary to keep your practice on track for success. The best EHR for ENT providers should include methods for providers to eliminate transcription processes and improve efficiency for their front office staff while still functioning in a user-friendly and familiar way. Providers should search for a vendor that offers them the familiarity of the traditional file cabinet, fit with drawers and file folders to help you stay organized. Many vendors, even specialty-specific vendors fail to offer a document management system that is simple to use and implement, causing a rough transition and putting your records at risk. The best EHR for ENT providers should ensure optimized workflow for everyone using it, helping your practice to keep moving forward.

3)    Mobile App

In a world where everyone wants to stay away from a desk and computer as much as possible, it is important that we allow ENT providers the same luxury. Until now, providers are often trapped to their desk by a pile of charting and compliance work. A major feature that helps providers identify the best EHR for ENT providers is whether or not they have a high-quality mobile app. With a mobile app, providers can take their important work with them outside of the office. Where everything the world has to offer fits in the size of our pockets, providers can now access their patient’s charts. A vendor of the best EHR for ENT providers offers a HIPPA compliant and completely secure mobile app that enables providers to communicate with both their staff and patients and make thoughtful and well-informed clinical decisions. The mobile app feature found in the best EHR for ENT specialists also enables the provider to write electronic prescriptions for their patients in need, and have the information they need when on hospital rounds or wherever life takes them.

These three features should be identified in any vendor before establishing a partnership. To learn about the best EHR for ENT providers, click here.