Orthopedic Software: 2 Modules that Improve Profitability

The software that an orthopedic provider chooses to adopt into their practice has a direct impact on their bottom line. Orthopedic providers need software built for the specific needs of their specialty. They need software that includes modules that optimize efficiency and accuracy while raising the bar for patient engagement, compliance, and number of visits. Without these things, an orthopedic provider will find their patient’s leaving and their profits plummeting. With the right Orthopedic Software, providers can connect the dots that improve their profitability while simultaneously increasing patient engagement, patient satisfaction, and compliance. There are two specific modules that providers need with their Orthopedic software that truly optimize profitability. Both Telehealth and digital patient intake forms help the orthopedic provider to stabilize their bottom line and grow by keeping their patients coming back and how compliant they stay to their health plan while raising the bar for clinical efficiency. Below are the benefits that both telehealth and digital patient intake have when integrated into a provider’s orthopedic software.

1)    Orthopedic Software and Telehealth

Telehealth has spent the past few years revolutionizing how providers deliver care to their patients. When it comes to Orthopedic Software, adding telehealth can increase how often a patient visits with their orthopedic provider while keeping them compliant with their health plan and medications. Telehealth uses video-visits and remote monitoring technology to simplify access to providers. By allowing the patient to visit with their orthopedic provider from their home, orthopedic software and telehealth increase how often a patient is willing to visit. This increase in visits increases the number of times a provider gets paid. Telehealth integrated into a practice’s orthopedic software also increases compliance by simplifying the access a patient has to their physician, encouraging them to stay compliant with their care plan and improve their outcomes. This increase in patient engagement keeps patients coming back while also bringing in new patients, improving your bottom line.

Integrating telehealth into your orthopedic software ensures that your patients have an alternative to the traditional visit, a simple way to access their physician, and motivation to stay involved in their personal health, all impacting the profitability of your practice.

2)    Digital Patient Intake Forms

The second module that helps to improve your practice’s profitability is the digital patient intake form included in a quality Orthopedic software. By eliminating the process of transcribing patient records and tracking/updating them manually, providers can optimize efficiency in their intake process. Accurate and efficient record keeping with Orthopedic software helps a practice stay compliant and up to date. This not only keeps the practice secure, but up-to-date records improve clinical decision making, improving patient care.

The digital patient intake form is appealing to the patient due to the convenience and accessibility of it. This method of intake allows the patient to update their information, prior to a visit, from the comfort of their home or when they have the time to complete it in full. This improves the accuracy in your record keeping, but it also streamlines the process Front office staff can refocus on more patient-critical tasks instead of spending large amounts of time on transcribing patient records. This information is also loaded directly into the patient’s chart when integrated with the other orthopedic software at your practice. This impacts profitability by ensuring your patient information is accurate, up-to-date, and accessible while also improving the provider’s ability to make decisions based on this information.


By integrating quality telehealth and digital intake with your Orthopedic software, providers can improve several areas of their practice. Not only do these tools improve their profitability by increasing the frequency of patient visits, bringing more patients through your door, and improving compliance with treatment plans. But these tools grow the patient-provider relationship by cultivating high levels of patient engagement and patient satisfaction.

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