The Importance of Dialysis Tracking Software Inside your EHR for 2019

For a Nephrologist, the workflow of their practice means everything. Nephrologists count of things like payments from dialysis visits to keep their practice running. If a practice that deals mostly with dialysis patients fails to carefully keep track of their visits and rounds, payments and reimbursements will quickly fall through the cracks. Not only this, but providers can lose out on payments if they are using software that is not built specifically for the dialysis tracking needs that a Nephrologist has. An all in one approach to the Electronic Health Record will not work for specialty providers. For the same reason that a patient goes to a specialty provider for their very specific health need or concern, a Nephrologist needs an EHR that focuses on their specific needs as a practice. Dialysis tracking software plays an important role in regard to the EHR that Nephrologists choose to grow success at their practice.

Never Miss a Payment with Dialysis Tracking Software

Nephrologists are paid based on the level of a visit they are on with the patient. A dialysis patient can be seen up to four times a month, the fourth visit being the crucial “comprehensive visit.” It is absolutely vital that a physician is keeping track of which level visit their patient is on so that they can be paid accordingly. This is one of the most important features of dialysis tracking software. Dialysis tracking software does the work for the provider. No longer does a nephrologist have to create their own tracking system or work with software that was not made with the Nephrology provider in mind. With dialysis tracking software, a provider can easily and efficiently keep track of their dialysis patients as well as have access to an overview of all of their patients, tracked by visit level. This way, a comprehensive visit is never missed, and providers can make sure they are receiving maximum reimbursement. Without this tool, Nephrologists quickly lose funds while comprehensive visits go uncompleted.

Not only this, but the clinical staff within the practice starts to feel relief from the overwhelming about of information they have to keep track of. It is not a secret that Nephrology providers see a large number of dialysis patients each month. With this in mind, providers need a software that makes it easy for them to keep track of a patient’s dialysis center, schedule and visit history. Dialysis tracking software makes it simple for a Nephrologist to access the tools and information they need to offer the highest quality care possible.

Additional Functions:

1)    Dialysis Rounding

Nephrology providers often have to visit multiple locations to service all of their dialysis patients. Not only do providers need to keep track of their dialysis patient’s visit levels with dialysis tracking software, but they need the necessary tools to help them track which patients are visiting at which locations. A quality tracking software will have this included so that a provider can quickly prioritize their patients based on location, the number of comprehensive visits to be completed, as well as how many patients there are to see in general. This helps improve the workflow and structure of a Nephrologists day so that they are not missing any patients or payments.

2)    Reporting

With dialysis tracking software comes dialysis reporting. This tool helps a provider identify which patients have yet to complete their comprehensive visit, or have achieved their four-visit threshold. This is key so that the provider never has to worry about offering services to patients who have already been seen the maximum number of times in a month, or letting a patient go without all four visits. The reporting tool of dialysis tracking software ensures that providers understand the growth and changes within their practice as well as see unbilled visits to maximize revenue.
Dialysis tracking software partnered with dialysis rounding and reporting helps to ensure that a Nephrology practice is operating with optimal workflow and accuracy, never missing a patient and never missing a payment. With these tools, providers never have to worry that they might be letting dialysis visits and reimbursements slip through the cracks.
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