Telehealth Vendors with Chronic Disease Management Services Most Attractive

With the use of virtual tools skyrocketing across the country, telehealth technology has proven itself essential. The pandemic started nearly 5 months ago in the United States and ever since providers across the country have quickly implemented virtual methods of patient care at a rapid pace. While these tools have been incredibly useful, not all telehealth is equal. In a recent article published in Business Insider, we learned that payers are looking for telehealth vendors with chronic disease management services. Seniors and patients with chronic disease fall are considered high-risk for the coronavirus. Partnerships are being formed between payers and telehealth vendors who cater specially to MA (Medicare Advantage) patients.

Why Telehealth with Chronic Disease Management Services are Important:

Increased Care Accessibility

Patients located in rural areas or long-distances from quality care providers suffer greatly in terms of the degree of care they receive. For patients with multiple chronic conditions, this is exacerbated by the need to frequently travel to and from your providers who may live outside your normal travel radius. Telehealth offers a unique opportunity for patients to decrease the amount of time they spend traveling to and from appointments. This tool allows them to access their normal providers as well as specialty providers from the comfort of their own home. This is particularly valuable during the pandemic where the safest place a patient can be in their home.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote monitoring is the process of keeping an eye on patients outside of the traditional clinical setting. This is vital to improving chronic disease management as it allows the provider to track their patient’s health in real-time. Changes in their vitals can be addressed immediately rather than with a delay between visits.

Remote Care

Remote care is available through a quality telehealth vendor and allows patients to receive important care from their homes. This is especially important for patients who are constantly traveling too and from clinical settings to receive treatment for things like dialysis. This extension of telehealth and chronic disease management is becoming increasingly valuable as it improves the patient experience and quality of life.

Real-time Quality Care

For patients who manage multiple chronic diseases, real-time quality care is vital to their outcome. As new symptoms develop and unfold, quick attention is often necessary. Telehealth makes it possible for providers to track, manage, and discuss new developments in care, remotely.

Reduce ED Encounters

Chronic disease patients are often sent to an Emergency Department when they experience a flare in new or unexpected symptoms. This can quickly impact the cost of their care and discourage their progress. Telehealth vendors that have chronic disease management services ensure your patients have an easy way to monitor and track their condition, communicate effectively in real-time, and form a treatment plan accordingly. Telehealth with chronic disease management services helps to reduce care costs for patients while improving their quality of life and healthcare experience.

Payers are partnering with telehealth vendors that offer chronic disease management services. To learn more about a tool that can help your practice, click here.