Reduce Cost and Improve Outcomes with Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care Management (CCM) changed the lives of patients all over the country by condensing and streamlining how chronically ill patients access their important medical care. Created in 2015 by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, CCM simplified a patient’s care and led to improved quality of life and more good outcomes for individuals across the country. Keep reading to learn not only how patients benefit from the implementation of a CCM program, but how your practice does as well. 

Why Chronic Care Management is So Important:

1)     Simplify Patient Care

Chronically ill patients have a complicated network of providers and specialists to manage and address the many different aspects of their care. Chronic Care Management helps to untangle these webs so that patients have an easier medical experience. By reducing miscommunications between specialists and providers, eliminating the need for duplicated labs and testing, and connecting the different components of their care, Chronic Care Management makes a difference.

2)     Give Patients Access to Resources

Even patients who are working hard to make sure they are connecting with the best doctors in the industry sometimes are not aware of important tools and resources that could help them on their journey. Chronic Care Management helps patients stay connected to important medical and community resources that give them tools and information to gain their best chance at life.

3)     Improve Overall Quality of Life

By simplifying how a patient is able to access their physicians, resources, and more, patients managing multiple chronic conditions are more likely to experience a better quality of life. With their physicians, specialists, and caretakers working together to deliver the best care possible, patients are not only experiencing better symptom management, but are also experiencing more positive outcomes.

The Impact of CCM on your Practice:

By implementing Chronic Care Management, providers can lead their patients to good outcomes and a better life. The great news about implementing a CCM program at your practice is that it also leads to increases in revenue, increases in patient satisfaction, and other quality improvements across the board.

How Outsourcing CCM Services Improves the Process

1)     Optimize Additional Revenue

Chronic Care Management makes it possible for your practice to introduce an entirely new stream of revenue through CMS reimbursements. Chronic Care Management can bring an additional 85k in revenue per billing provider at your practice, each year. The problem is that these numbers can be difficult to achieve when your practice is balancing so many important details in tandem with a CCM program. By outsourcing CCM services to a quality service vendor your practice can optimize additional revenue brought in by this program. A team of experts works diligently to make sure your practice’s program is running as smoothly as possible.

2)     Keep Patients Connected

Functioning as an extension of your practice, your vendor of Chronic Care Management services works to make sure your patients are always connected. When patients have questions or concerns, they can work with your CCM vendor to coordinate important care and services. This assistance gives your patients increased access to your practice, helping them feel taken care of, 100% of the time.

3)     Reduce In-house Workload

A Chronic Care Management program may bring in important revenue for your practice and services for patients, but an in-house program is incredibly time-consuming to run. By outsourcing Chronic Care Management services at your practice, you reduce the administrative burden the program creates on your team while still reaping the benefits it brings to the table. 

Utilizing a quality vendor of CCM services can help your practice optimize its program so that patients are accessing vital care coordination services, prescription help, and community resources. It can also help your practice bring in additional revenue without stretching your team too thin. To learn more about a Chronic Care Management solution for your practice, click here.