Patient Portal: MyMedicalLocker™ Gets New Updates in August 2019

The patient portal, MyMedicalLocker™ has a whole new look and feel, along with great functionality that will improve your patient’s experience a great deal. The best part is, there are no operational changes for your practice so you can expect an easy transition in August.

Here are some of the patient-centered changes we’ve made:
1. Logical Navigation. Instead of a cluttered navigation menu that required patients to click through multiple lists to find what they need, we have created a much more logical navigation that allows your patient to get where they need to go in as few clicks as possible. We accomplished this by bringing the features that are most used by patients to the forefront so they are easily accessible.

2. No More App Updates. In the past, the patient was required to consistently update the MyMedicalLocker iOS or Android app in order to have a good experience overall. We have now created a more stable patient portal that will provide a better experience between desktop and mobile. Android users can install this as an application. iOS users can simply bookmark the website to their home screen for easy access.

3. No More Restrictions. Previously, some of the patient portal features worked only on desktop while others worked in the app. We have now provided a much more consistent experience for all devices so that features such as refill requests, lab results and shared documents work no matter what device the patient is using. This will put an end to the frustration of the user and increase patient engagement overall.

4. No Operational Changes. The great news is that these changes will have no affection on your practice whatsoever. Everything will operate as normal. New features will be available on both desktop and mobile. The steps your practice takes to provide patients with a MyMedicalLocker account will remain the same.

Keep an eye out for the updates coming next month. Both the iOS and Android apps will be removed and support will officially end on August 31st, 2019. At this point in time, patients will no longer be able to log into their app to access their patient portal. Instead, they will simply access it through the website on whatever device they are using. We look forward to continuing to create a better experience for your patients while helping you increase patient engagement as a whole.