iSalus Develops New Knowledge Center for all Partners

During a recent roundtable discussion with some of our partners we came to understand the need for a more robust, up-to-date knowledge center.  Leaving that meeting, we understood that this was not something that could be delayed for very long, but rather it was an important task that needed to be addressed quickly.

We’re happy to announce that iSalus has put in place a Knowledge Center Team that will be working together over the next few months with one mission in mind; to build a central location that all of our partners can visit to find the answers they need quickly.

It’s our mission to build out a Knowledge Center so comprehensive that no matter what the question is, your staff will be able to get the answer with a quick search of the data available.  The process is already under way and the first phase will be opened to our partners soon.

Please remain patient with us as we continue to build out the Knowledge Center to be a complete, easy-to-use, online guide to the software your practice uses.  This project is not only a large undertaking but will remain somewhat fluid as technology is ever-changing.

We look forward to providing you with additional resources and appreciate any feedback your team can offer.


Knowledge Center Preview